Skin Cancers Treatment

Ayurvedic Skin Cancers Treatment

Skin Cancers

Skin cancers are the most common of all cancers. The majority of the skin cancer can be prevented by careful sun protection and reducing exposure to ultraviolet light. Skin cancers ealry detection is treatable. People who have had a non melanoma skin cancer like BCC or SCC are at increased risk of further non melanoma skin cancer, melanoma and internal cancers in the future. This risk is particularly marked in younger people and in people that have any form of Immune disorder or Immune suppression.
Cancer is the prolification of the cells in the body which undergo unregulated growth. Cancer is a malignant tumor. A malignant tumor is one with the tendency to grow and invade surrounding tissues. Benign tumors also have cancerous affets but is much less dangerous and life threateing. Metastatic cancers are generally the most dangerous.
ARBUDA -  Mamsarbuda -   Melanoma
                 Raktarbuda  -   Lukaemia
                 Mukharbuda -   Oral Cancer
GULMAS – Tridosaj gulmas –
                 Abdominal tumours like caricinomas of the stomach and liver or lymphomas.
OTHER -  Conditions with possibility of malignancy
               Visarpa – Erysipelas
              Asadhya Kamla – incurable jaundice
               Nadi Varna – Sinusitus

The dearrangement of the three dosha causes the any disease and diseases like cancer. The lifestyle errors , unhealthy food , poor hygeine and other bad habits results in disequilibrium of the three doshas , which may lead to the manifestation of the tumours. The factors which are responsible for vitiation of the dosha are
Vata aggravating factors – Taking bitter , pungent , astringent , dry fruits in excess and living under stressful conditions.
Pitta aggravating factors – Taking sour , salty , fried foods in excess and excessive anger in behabiour.
Kapha aggravating  factors – Taking sweet , oily food in excess and sedentary life style habits.
Rakta aggravating factors – Taking acid or alkali food stuffs in excess. Fried and rosted foods , alcoholic beverages , sour fruits are the stuff that aggravates the rakts dhatu. Excessive anger or severe emotional upset , working under sun rays near fire or very heated environment are the some other causes.
Mamsa aggravating factors –  taking in excess foods like fish , meat , yoghurt , meat , milk and cream. Oversleep during day and overeating are the causes which leads to dusti in mamsa dhatu and ofcourse three dhatus.
Medha aggravating factors – use in excess of oily foods , sweets , alcohol and lazy attitude leads to dearragne the doshas.
Theses factors disturbs the equilibrium of the body and dosha and the Rasa Dhatu & Rakta Dhatu becomes dhushit and then it goes to the skin causes skin diseases or skin cancers.

Ayurveda has developed many medications which has proven clinically very good for all chronic diseases including cancer , tumors and malignancies.
Arbud is the most specific term used for cancerous malignancy. Gulma is the hard mass in the abdomen . Skin cancers are taken as twak arbud as Ayuvedic terminology.
Treatment for Skin Cancer includes:

  • First of all Improves and corrects the faulty digestive system to check the “ama” or toxin formation. So that the health “Rasa Dhatu “ gets formed.
  • Removal of the already formed toxins from the body muscles , skin and from circulatory system through oral Ayurvedic Medicines.
  • Panchakarma Detoxification which is known as “Shodhan Chiktsa” very important for opening the “Strotas” , so that proper nutrition may reach to them.
  • Panchakarma Therapies for Rejuvenation are very helpful
  • Oral Ayurvedic Herbal , Herbo-Mineral mixtures and Gold Preparations to enhance the Immunity which is “Shaman Chiktsa “ according to Ayuvreda.
  • Ayurvedic medicines which acts on muscular tissue and helps in providing proper nourishment to the “Mamsa Dhatu” and “twak”. Ayurvedic Mixtures are also used to treat the skin , subcutaneous tissue , blood and blood vessels to reduce inflammation and it nourishes the skin. Slowly the skin rashes become healed.
  • There are many  Ayurvedic medicines which are very helpful for the patients , but we have to decide the medicines and Panchakarma therapies according to Dosha , Dushya , Vay , Samarth , Aayu , so the choice of medicines are different for different patients.
  •  Rasayan Chiktisa is Rejuvenating therapies or immunotherapies which enhances the immune system as well as nourishes the dhatus of the body , energizes the body to fight against the disease causing factors .
  • Herbs which are very helpful in this conditons are – Tinospora cordifolia , Aegle marmelos , Soymida febrifugs , Kanchnaar guggulu , Gynandropis pentaphylla, Cucuma longa , Terminalia arjuna , Holy basil , Capparis spinosa , Gold and diamond preprations , Pongamia glabra, ginger , symplocos recemosa, Xanthium strumarium , Emblica ribes , Cissampelos pareria , Nerium odorum leaves, Jasminum grandiflorum.

Most common types of Skin Cancers are
Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC)
Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC)
Intraepidermal Squamous Cell Carcinoma or Bowen Disease (SCC in situ)
Common Skin Lesions

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