Lichen Planus

Lichen Planus


  •  A compromised digestive system leads to the Pitta Dosha in Rasa Dhatu  and causes this type of Skin Diseases
  • Pitta Dosha represents the Physiology in Ayurveda represents the energy transfers in body .
  • The disturbance of the Pitta causes skin diseases and also Vata and Kapha gets vitiated due to disturbed physiology.
  • The Vitiated dosha effects Skin and blood tissues and discoloration of skin from normal to Violet , scaly and thin with new immature cells

It includes

  • Oral Ayurvedic Medication as herbal formulations which checks the growth of toxins and helps to eliminates the toxins from the body. It enhances the  immune system and strengthens the tissue of the body.
  • Lichen Planus Cream for local use. It  helps to remove the dead skin and helps to reduce itching
  • LP Oil :: It lubricates the skin and helps to regain the skin turgidity.
  • In some cases when medicines don’t gives the desire results, it implies that there is the blockage of channels called “Srotas “ so here we need Panchakarma purification therapies to open the channels and removal of toxins. Snehan , Swedana , Vaman , Virechana , Basti Karma are prescribed for  patients according to the disease , age and distribution of the Lichen Planus .
  • TYPES OF  LICHEN PLANUS are Oral Lichen Planus , Lichen Planus Pigmentosus , Volvular Lichen Planus, Lichen Sclerosis , Lichen Simplex Chronicus , Vaginal Lichen Planus , Penile Lichen Planus , Mucosal Sites , Lichen Planopilaris , Lichen Planus Nail , Actinic Lichen Planus, Bullous Lichen Planus.

The medicines are decided according to the disease and considering all other factors.

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