Services Offered

Services Offered

Services Offered


  • Our Centre is offering The Best Ayurvedic Treatment for SKIN & HAIR Disorders
  • We treat chronic and complicated diseases with Ayurveda and Panchakarma Therapies.
  • Online Consultation is also available for the patients who may not be able to visit our centre frequently
  • Your queries are directly forwarded to our Director & Chief Ayurvedic Consultant Dr. Amit Dutta and he Interacts to the patients to resolve the query.
  • Explore the common to chronic and complicated Skin Disorders
  • Our website and online service provides easiness to our patients to ask any question any time
  • Informative articles and Newsletters are the source who updates the knowledge.
  • We also guide other Ayurvedic Doctors and help to make them up to date.


Dr. Amit Dutta’s – ADVANCED AYURVEDA SKIN TREATMENT CENTRE   is  for the treatment of common to  complicated skin disorders. Our centre exists from Since 1972 running  by Dr. S.K. Dutta father of Dr. Amit Dutta , Now Dr. Amit Dutta is running this centre Since 2001 and he made the remarkable changes and introduced all modern technology to the ancient Ayuvreda. Dr. Amit Dutta is avaiable for the patients from Monday to Saturday between 9 AM to 7 PM. Patient can Walk in for enquiring about their skin problems and  the scope  of Ayurveda for their problems.
On starting treatment , the case history of patient is taken by Dr. Amit Dutta’s assistant doctors. After this , the patient is taken to Dr. Dutta for consultation. The patient receives the medicines prescribed by  Dr. Dutta and is given the appointment for the next visit. In between if the patient has any problem , he or she may visit the centre any no. of times or write a email or make a phone call about their problems.
Internet is a great facility, which is used by most of the persons around the world, & moreover it makes the long distance so closer that now a day we can’t feel that we are so far away from each other.

It is a fact that without a Doctor how can treatment be possible? But it is also another fact Ayurveda is most ancient treatment therapy, which is mainly practiced in India and Ayurvedic Specialist, are primarily available in India. For getting an Ayurvedic consultation a person either to travel to India or the doctor will have to travel to the person where person resides. This may not be possible most of the time. Keeping this thing in view, Dr. Amit Dutta has started an online consultation facility.

One of the main methods used in this online consultation is a detailed questionnaire dealing with various problems, symptoms, diet and lifestyle habits of the patient. This gives a good indication of the state of the patient's health. In fact, online consultation probably asks you more questions than your local doctor does before he writes you out a prescription!

  • We take the patient’s thorough history through a specially designed assessment form
  • Then the case history is reviewed by Doctors and after that forwarded to Dr. Amit Dutta.
  • Then the line of Ayurvedic Treatment is decided. If the patient is already taking our treatment we suggest needful.
  • Ayurvedic Medicines is then sent to the Patient in any area of world.
  • Follow up of the patient via email is as and when required.
  • Evaluation of the case and patient after a definite time of therapy.

Patients can ask their queries to our experts via clicking the link “ Ask an Expert”
We are dedicated to our patients and patients may write to use about their queries and within 6 to 24 hours we will respond them.
AYURVEDA information cell for asking your queries to Dr Amit Dutta ::
Ayurveda information cell is a utility on the internet that has been provided by Dr Amit Dutta Shah by means of which you can communicate with Dr Dutta and ask him your medical queries. It is another important means of transferring information to the patients about their disease and solving their queries about the same. From the comfort of your home or office, you can communicate directly with Dr Amit Dutta or one of his assistants and get all the information that you need. You may click on the following link to submit any query that you have
Ask An Expert
Explore the role of Ayurveda for various Skin diseases Allergy to Skin Cancers:
ADVANCED AYURVEDA SKIN TREATMENT CENTRE offers to you vast amount of information about various diseases and their scope of treatment with Ayurveda. Dr Amit Dutta has hosted many websites offering information about such diseases and especially chronic and difficult diseases. Patients and other people visiting the websites have the facility to ask any of their queries to Dr Dutta and they shall receive reply to the same through e-mail. Thus there is unlimited scope for all the people to explore Ayurveda in depth.
Informative articles, journals and presentations for lay people, students and physicians:
Various websites that have been put up and maintained by Dr Amit Dutta offer medical information for the lay people for simpler understanding of diseases. At the same time various articles of interest to the physicians and medical students have also been put up for study on these websites. Our BLOG , NEWS LETTERS and ARTICLES keeps the patients update about their diseases and Ayurveda.

Support system for all patients:
Ayurveda Skin  centre, is open six days a week, from 9 am up to 7pm . In case the patients have any doubts or queries, they may speak to Dr. Amit Dutta or one of his assistants over the phone. They may also send an e-mail message or fax us for support and help. For patients who are not able to make it to the clinic for whatever reason, the medicines are sent to them by courier so that there is no gap in the medication and the treatment continues uninterrupted.

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