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Ayurvedic Concept of Skin Diseases

AYURVEDA  CONCEPT  OF  SKIN  DISEASES  According to Ayurveda , every living being in the universe is a combination of five basic elements called Pancha Mahabhootas. These five elements are Space , Air , Fire , Water and Earth. Balancing these element is the best method to maintain health and in the treatment of diseases. Earth corresponds to the solid structure in the body, water is in all body fluids , fire controls the functioning of enzymes, air represents the movement and space corresponds to the space within the body. These panchamahabootas combine into three energy levels known as Tridosha that determines the health and the physical condition. These three doshas or humours are vatta , pitta and kapha. The elements air and space combines together to form vata , elements fire and water forms Pitta and the elements eart and water combines to form Kapha. Each dosha plays an important role in the maintainence of the body. The panchamahabootas and the tridoshas are not visible to the naked eye but all the physical structures and physiological  functions are included in them.

HOW SKIN DISEASES OCCUR The primary cause of SKIN DISEASES is accumulation of  “ AMA” formed by the imbalance of the digestive fire.
( Ama is the toxin formed due the faulty metabolism , it is a metabolic waste which is not removed by the body , is also called disease causing factor)
This AMA or toxins can be viewed as an antigen triggering to immune system , which leads to the low immunity.
This is the one factor , also other factors are very important like inappropriate diet and lifestyle , Overwork , Stress , chronic illness, seasonal changes , emotional factors  like anger , worry , greif. The manifestation of the skin problems in the body depends upon the individual constitution of the body and current dosha stage. It is a doshic response to a particular allergen. So the symptoms appears according to the dosha predominance vatta , pitta or kapha. When the excess dosha from vatta –pitta –kapha gets associates with AMA  or toxins of body , then it moves to the channels tissues and cells of the body causing particular skin disorder or allergy.  The predominant dosha of the body often responsible for how body reacts to the particular allergen. The factors , diet , life style , environment  , synthetic chemical  can also cause  skin problems but they are secondary to the predominant dosha. If more than one dosha is aggravated then mixed symptoms of skin diseses appears and its difficult to treat. If all the three doshas gets aggravated than it is very difficult to treat Skin Diseses. The doshic qualities which are excess in the body it stimulates the immune system to release antibodies to get rid from that particular allergen. The immune system try to remove the toxins ‘AMA from the body. The vatta and pitta dominating prakruti are more prone to allergic conditions than Kapha prakruti persons.

AYURVEDA VIEW ON SKIN DISEASES Just as the seed presents inside the ground , after being nourished by water and putting out its root , comes up from the ground , in course of time to form the tree. Similarly Kushta arise in the skin first invades to the other tissues in course of time in person who don’t treat it properly.
There are 7 Types of Mahakushta and 11 Types of Kshudra Kushta according to Ayurveda. Total 18 types of Kushta Roga are there.

The Seven Mahakushtas are –


The Eleven Kshudra Kushta are –

  • Eka Kushta
  • Charmaakhya
  • Kitibha
  • Vaipaatika
  • Kshudta
  • Alasaka
  • Dadrumandala
  • Charmadala
  • Paama
  • Shataaru
  • Vicharchka

Based on the dosha Predominance Kushta have Seven Types



  • Twakstha Kushtha
  • Rakta Samshrits Kushtha
  • Maamsa Samaashrita Kushtha
  • Meda Sthaanagata Kushtha
  • Ashti Majja Sammaashrita kushtha
  • Shukta Shinitagata Kushtha