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Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases – STD’s

Ayurvedic View & Treatment

Sexually transmitted Infections or Diseases STI’s are the bacterial, viral ,fungal or parasitic infections that can be passed on from one person to another during sexual activities. These sexual activities includes kissing , oral-genital contact , anal or vaginal sex, use of sexual toys as vibrators. These infections are existing from many years but the most dangerous of these conditions is AIDS or HIV infection that has been recognized since 1984.

Many STIs are treatable, but HIV , HPV , Hepatitis B and C are lacking treatment. Even gonorrhea once easily cures have becomes resistance to many of the traditional antibiotics. Many STIs can be present in and spread by people who don’t have any symptoms of the condition and have not yet been diagnosed with an STD. 

AS-PRO-V KIT Ayurvedic Medicine Kit

 There are many precious and and ayurvedic minerals which helps to Controls the other Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

These Ayurvedic Medicines helps to enhance the Immune System of the body and Increases the Ojas of the body to fight the disease.

Ayurvedic medicines made from high quality organic medicinal plants as a herbal formulations are used for treatment for many years.

The set of Ayurvedic Medicines helps to increase T cells and enhance the activity of the WBC , which improves the immune system and builds the body’s resistance against infections. These Ayurvedic Herbs have anti-microbial , anti-infection ,anti-bacterial , anti-fungal , immune booster and blood purifying properties which are useful in treating the disorders caused by HIV , HSV , HCV ,HBV , HPV , SYPHILIS and other  Sexually Transmitted Infections STI-STD.
The other properties of these Ayurvedic Herbs are health supportive and good nutritional values . They are Rasayana Ayurvedic Medicines that rejuvenated the body. Theses also have Cell regenerative , natural cleanser , Anti biotic , Anti Septic , Digestive , anti allergic and body supportive properties.

This kit contains only harmless Herbs in natural form and no artificial things ,steroids , hormones or any other material which is harmful for health is not included in this AS-PRO-V kit .

Panchakarma Detoxification and Rejuvenating therapies are also prescribed for some patients , so that body gets free from the endotoxins and it enhances the Immunity of the body.

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