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Zygomycosis Treatment in Ayurveda

Zygomycosis is a rare infection caused by a class of fungi called Zygomycetes. Zygomycosis treatment with Ayurvedic medicines. They are a relatively primitive class of fungi and live on decaying organic matter.

There are two types of Zygomycetes

  • Mucorales
  • Entomophthorales.


It is a serious , potentially deadly fungal infection that’s infrequently diagnosed . Mucorales are rapidly growing fungi including two families , the Mucoraceae and cunninghamellaceae. Mucorales usually causes infection in individuals with compromised immune system due to drugs such as systemic steroids and diseases such as lymphoma and poorly controlled diabetes. The fungi invade blood vessels and cause mucormycotic , an acute , rapidly spreading and fulminant systemic mycosis. Rhinocerebral – nose and brain , lungs , GI tract ,abdominal-pelvis , cutaneous and widespread forms have been reported. The mortality rare is very high.


 Entomophthorales is a slowly progressive chronic disease. There is no vascular invasion and the infection is generally restricted to subcutaneous tissue – subcutaneous zygomycosis.
There are two different types of species genrera

  • Conidiobolud coronatus / incongruus
  • Basidiobolus ranarum


Subcutaneous zygomycosis clinical features includes , there may be history of trauma . It starts as a slowly progressive , painless , subcutaneous swelling. A single lesion or multiple satellite lesions may arise.
On palpation there is a uniform , disc shaped , movable lump. This swelling is non-pitting and hard in consistency. The overlying skin is normal in most of the cases. However it can sometimes be tense , swollen , peeling or hyperpigmented but not ulcerate.

Conidiobolud coronatus / incongruus

It affects  young adults and is more common in males than females. The face is most common site of infection. The fungi gain entry through the nasal mucosa and produce a subcutaneous swelling sround the nasla and perinasal region . infection can spread from the inferior turbinates to produce a generalized swelling of the face. Patients can complain of nasal obstruction , discharge and sinus pain. Pulmonary and systemic infection has been reported.

Basidiobolus ranarum

 It is usually seen in children and is more common in males. It often presents with a slowly progressive subcutaneous mass in the limb or limb girdle area.

DIAGNOSIS – requires a deep skin biopsy from the subcutaneous mass for the histopathology and for the microscopy and fungal culture


 Mucormycosis is a very serious illness and there is always a risk of mortality , so its very hard to treat with Ayurveda even its very hard to treat with higher Anti fungal like Amphotericin B , Variconazole.