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Lyme Disease

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Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection spread to the humans by infected tick bite on the skin. This infection is caused by Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lacto complex , a type of bacteria called spirochaete.
Ticks are the tiny arachnids found in woodland areas that feed on the blood of mammals , including humans. This bite often go unnoticed and the tick can remian feeding for several days before dropping off. The longer the tick is in place , the higher risk of it passing on the infection. Infected ixodes ticks are often found on deer.
Lyme disease can affect the skin , joints , heart and nervous system.

What Happens after a tick bite ?
 Many different things may happen after being bitten by an infected tick.
Body’s Immune system or defence mechanism may overwhelm and eliminate the infected bacteria.
The bacteria may remain localised at the site of bite and may cause a localised skin infection.
The bacteria may disseminate via the blood and lymphatic system to the other organs and may cause multisystem inflammatory disease.

The lyme disease may affect any part of the body , mostly The Skin , Heart , CNS , Joints and Eyes. The disease can be divided into three stages according to the extent of infection.
The earliest and most common symptom of Lyme disease is a Pink or Red circular rash that develops around the area of the bite ,three to thirty days after bitten. The rash is often described as looking like a bull’s eye on a dart board.
Patient  may also experience flu like symptoms , such as tiredness , headaches and muscle – joint pains. If the lyme disease is left untreated the further symptoms may develop months or even years later and can includes the following

Muscle Pains
Joint Pains and Swelling of the Joints
Neurological symptoms such as temperary paralysis of the facial muscles.
Lyme Disease in its late stages can trigger symptoms similar to those of fibromyalgia or Chronic fatigue syndrome.

Localised Lyme Disease –
The rash appears usually 7-10 days ( Range 1-33 days) after a tick bite. Appears like red rash (looks like a bull’s eye) centres on the tick bite. Flu like symptoms low grade fever , chills , fatigue , joint pains.
Disseminated Lyme Disease –  
Erythema margins now appears in the multiple sites on the other part of skin. Other symptoms may appears severe fatigue , headache , stiffness neck , tingling sensation or numbness in extremities, facial paralysis , sore throat , fever , change in vision and multiple enlarged lymph glands. The progression is gradual over month to years.
Late Lyme Disease –
Pain and swelling of one or more large joints – Arthritis.
Numbness extending to hands arms feet and legs.
Neurological disorders such as disorientation , confusion , dizziness , lack of concentration , short term memory loss.


ELISA or Immunofluorescent assay of antibodies titiers to B burgdorferi.
Skin Biopsy – Histopathology is often non specific but the skin can be cultured for the organism.


In Ayurveda all the infectious diseases are included in “Krimi Dosha” . Ayurveda chaterizied all microorganisma wheater it is microbes, virus , parasites , anorobes are considered as Krimi –means  worms in Sanskrit. All the Krimi are divided into two main categories

  • External  2. Internal.

External Krimi considered as microorganisms that either emerging out of the human body ( Enteric parasites) or  living on the surface of the skin.
Internal Krimi are that microorganisma that resides within the human body in the mucous as Kaphaja , In blood – Raktja and in Lower GI tract – Purishja.

Kaphaja Krimi  includes bacteria that multiplies in the internal organs. They enters in the body through respiratory tract.

Raktja Krimi – it includes the mic
roorganisma that enters the blood stream as in the case of Insect bite or injury by contaminated object that have those organisms or through contaminated object that takes blood as a vehical to other organs. Smallpox , measels , strep infections , fruncles.

Purishja Krimi are associted with gastro intestinal tract , cholera , dysentry , infective entritis , worms infestations . These krimi generally enters in the body by ingestion of the contaminated food and the mucous membrane is a good media to grow it.

THE LYME disease falls in  Raktja Krimi


The Ayurvedic treatment forLyme Disease includes elimination of the krimi and checking the growth of the organisms , preventing the body and enhancing the Immune system to fight against the disease causeing factors.

The Herbs and Ayurvedic Herbo Mineral Medications used as Immunomodular and antimicrobial are :
Pancha Tikta Ghrit guggulu
Geloy Swaras
Krimi Kuthar Ras
Mahamanjishtaide Qwath
Chander Prabha Vati
Gandhak Rasayan

Lyme Disease may creat inflammation of the heart muscles and may results in cardic problems like abnormal rhythm , tachycardia , dyspnoea or sometimes heart failure.
The herbs that are helpful in this condition are
Arjun Chaal
Haritiki – Very effective in Chronic Lyme Disease
Loauh Bhasam 100 putti
Amalaki Rasayan
Tapayaide Loh

In Chronic Lyme Disease The Nervous System , Joint and Muscles and GI tract are Involved and the medicnes are choosed according to the organ affected and symptoms of the disease

Maha Yograj Guggulu
Vrahit Vaat chintamani Ras
Ekang veer Ras
Dashmoola Arishta
Shuddh Shilajeet
Ashwagandha – as immunomodulator
Manjishta – acts as a Lymphatic Detoxification agent
Neem – acts as a anti-microbial agent.
Tulasi – Bhringraj and Swarn Bhasma – acts as immune system enhancer.


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