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Lichen Planus Pigmentosus – LPP

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What is Lichen Planus Pigmentosus?


In some patients oval greyish brown marks appear on the face and neck or trunk and limbs without an inflammatory phase. It may be the same or similar to erythema dyschromicum perstans. A skin biopsy reveals lichenoid features,which are absent in a similar condition called idiopathic macular pigmentation.


Ayurveda considers digestion to be the primary factor in the pathology of disease. In the case of psoriasis, a compromised digestive system leads to an increase of pitta dosha into rasa dhatu. Pitta dosha is an ayurvedic principle of physiology representing the energy of transformation in the body. Rasa dhatu is the first tissue created from the process of digestion and is akin to plasma, serum, white blood cells and the lymphatic system.


Lichen PlanusPigmentosus  is caused by vitiation of Vata and Kapha dosha. The vitiated doshas affect the skin and blood tissues. They also influence water element of the affected region on skin. Thus the skin which is influenced by affected doshas becomes discolored (Violet ), scaly and thin.
with new mature skin cells.

 According to ayurveda principles the vitiated vata dries the water element of skin and also initiate rapid growth of skin tissue. The vitiated Kapha dosha causes itching on the affected skin. The blood which is affected by vata and kapha adversely influences healing process


In treating  lichen planus pigmentosus, ayurveda recommends a comprehensive treatment strategy that involves strengthening your digestion and detoxifying and eliminating toxins. Addressing your diet, and not only how you eat, but also when and what, is important. Herbal formulas support digestion and aid in the detoxifying process.

Ayurvedic treatment of lichen planus pigmentosus  aims to rid the body of accumulated toxins. Ayurveda’s primary purification and detoxification method is a process known as panchakarma, which uses a combination of therapies to cleanse the body and balance the doshas. Panchakarma may include therapeutic vomiting, purgation, enema therapy and nasal cleansing, as well as the use of medicated oils and steam baths. After the detoxification process, patients undergo a period of rest that may involve a special diet


Ayurvedic Kit Lichen Planus Pigmentosus Includes –

  • 60 Cap Dermazyme
  • 60 Cap Hemcln
  • 60 Tab Hemcln – H
  • 30 Cap Immune G
  • Ayurvedic Cream for External Use
  • Face Mask for External Use
  • Oral Ayurvedic Medication as herbal formulations which checks the growth of toxins and helps to eliminates the toxins from the body. It enhances the  immune system and strengthens the tissue of the body.
  • Ayurvedic Cream for local use. It  helps to remove the dead skin and helps the skin nourishment.
  • Ayurvedic Face packs –  Nourishes skin and helpful for improving complexion and removing pigmentation.
  • In some cases when medicines don’t gives the desire results, it implies that there is the blockage of channels called “Srotas “ so here we need Panchakarma purification therapies to open the channels and removal of toxins. Snehan , Swedana , Vaman , Virechana , Basti Karma are prescribed for  patients according to the disease , age and distribution of the Lichen Planus .

The medicines are decided by our qualified Ayurvedic Doctor according to the disease, patient, areas affected and considering all other factors.

FAQ’S About Lichen Planus Pigmentosus.

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