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Impetigo is a bacterial infection of the skin. Most often it affects the infants and children and is highly  contagious. It is often called “School Sores”.  It usually appears as red sores on the face , especially around the nose and mouth of a child.

The classic sign and symptom is red sore that quickly rupture , ooze for a few days and then form a yellowish brown crust. The sore usually occurs around nose and mouth but can be spread to other areas of the body by touching , clothing , hanky , towels.
The more serious form of impetigo is called Ecthyma, that penetrates deeper into the skin causing painful fluid filled or pus filled sores that turn into deep ulcers.
The less common form of the disorder is bullous impetigo , may feature as larger blisters that occurs on the trunk or diper area of infants and young childern.

It is a bacterial infection and is very contagious, so one may get infection from touching that items that have the bacteria, such as clothing , bed linen , towels , toys and utensils. It ofetn starts at the site of a minor skin injury such as a graze , an insect bite or scrached eczema.

Wash the affected area with neem water , which is natural antiseptic properties.
Use only herbal soap which also protects the further attack of bacteria.
Ayurveda have many herbs which acts as natural Antibiotic and antiseptic. They are in the form of tablets , powder and syrup based.They also have anti inflammatory effect.
The ayurvedic medicines improves the immunity of skin and detoxifies the blood circulation to the affected parts abd also helps in a fast healing of lesions.
Apply Ayurvedic Herbal antiseptic creams at the affected area till the lesions goes.
When the skin becomes normal , apply herbal oils which nourishes the skin and helps to protect from the bacterial attack.


  • Cover the affected areas.
  • Avoid contacts with other persons.
  • Use separate towel and clothes
  • Wash the clots with hot water with antiseptic lotions.
  • Affected children must stay away from school until the crusts have dried out.
  • Change the clothes  and bed linen daily.

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