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Skin Growth

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Skin Growth

There are several lesions on the skin that are very common and benign in nature i.e. non-cancerous. These conditions includes

Benign skin growths

1. Seborrhoeic keratosis
These are brown to black growths on the face and body. They are usually present on the skin of people over 40 years old. The tumours appear as if they are “stuck-on” the skin. Sometimes, they can be very dark. The surface is usually rough and can be greasy. There may be multiple, distributed on the face, body and limbs.

2. Dermatosis papulosa Nigra
These are small black skin outgrowths lumps on the face and neck. They are commonly seen in dark skin people. They are harmless but can be removed for cosmetic reasons.

3. Skin Tags
These are skin coloured lumps that grow out of the skin. They are soft and usually found on the neck, armpits and body.

These are harmless but can be removed for cosmetic reasons.

4. Sebaceous hyperplasia
They are enlarged oil glands on the face, which appear as small yellow irregular lumps with an opening in the centre. They are often seen on the face of elderly persons.

5. Syringomas
These are benign growths of the sweat ducts. They appear as small skin-coloured lumps usually on the eyelids and cheeks. They are painless. They can be removed for cosmetic reasons.

6. Xanthelasma
These are raised yellow-coloured patches appearing on the eyelids. They represent oily deposits in the skin. These lesions may be associated with high fat content in the blood. Therefore, anyone with these lesions should see a doctor to see if they have any underlying medical problem that needs treatment. The lesions can be removed by minor surgery.

The herbs play a very good role in skin growths treatments. Oral herbal medication as well as Some Herbal face Packs for Freckels , and Keratosis are very effective.
Herbal Creams , Lotions , Oils and Herbal wash are very effective in many skin growths and in some cases surgical intervention is needed.

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