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Dhatu Health Kit – Dhatu Rog

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Dhatu Rog Ayurvedic Medicines Treatment



Ayurvedic Kit for Dhatu Health has combination of various precious herbs which are known to be highly effective in improving sexual problems of individuals. This Ayurveda kit is very helpful in Dhatu Rog mostly called Dhant Syndrome, Night fall and pre mature ejaculation. This kit is derived by our team of expert Qualified Ayurvedic Doctors and clinically we have seen phenomenal results in many cases. Dhatu Health Kit is the best Ayurvedic Medicine for Dhatu Rog Treatment, Night Fall and Sperm in urine.


Dhatu Health kit Contains 

    60 Capsules  Dhatu -Compound

    60 Capsules         Vital Herbs -M

    300 gm  Rasayan Shakti Granules

Ayurveda and Natural products in DHATU-HEALTH KIT

DHATU -COMPOUND (60 Capsules) contains

This product contains combination of herbs & mineral in their purest form. The ingredients in this product supports the natural functioning of Genitourinary tract. It not only controls the involuntary leakage of semen but provides nutrition to the reproductive organs and provides the feeling extra energy.

Swarn Bang, Chanderprabha, Shudh Shilajeet, Withania somnifera and Haritaki are the main constituents are in these capsules.


VITAL HERBS –M (60 Capsules) contains

Powerful herbs which are daily need for men. These herbs compensate the loss of semen during sexual activities and provides extra energy and nutrition to shukra dhatu.

Swarn bang, Basil seeds, Shilajeet, Withania somnifera , Mucuna seeds, Safed Musli are the main herbs in this product which plays vital role in men for nourishing Shura Dhatu.



Rasayana can be understood as nutritional dynamics for rejuvenation of body and mind. Ayurveda considers that there is natural process of degeneration which leads to aging and health issues. Rasayana herbs helps in preventing premature aging, detox body and making healthy way for individual to perform all the activities with extreme energy.

Rasayana herbs includes – Asparagus, Trikatu, Mucuna, Tribulus, Chopchini, Salam Mishri, Shatavari, Sheetal chini, Tavashir. These are powerful Rasayana herbs which helps to keep your body healthy.

Dhatu Health Kit is derived by our team of expert Qualified Ayurvedic Doctors. Herbs in this kit not only helps in curing Dhatu Rog, moreover corrects metabolism, reduce stress & anxiety. Rasayana herbs provides nutrition, strengthens immunity and Improves Fertility & Sexual Performance of males.

You can order “Dhatu Health” Ayurvedic kit by visiting our website & or

WhatsApp at +9198030 39369, +9198033 56060. 


Price of one Month Kit – In INDIA – Rs. 8900/- With Postage.

Outside India – 170 USD including postage all over the world.