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Best Ayurvedic Skin Hospital in Jalandhar.

AYUR-SUDHA is Best Ayurvedic Treatment Centre in Jalandhar, Punjab. Dr. Amit Dutta is Best Skin Specialist in India. He is renowned Ayurvedic Doctor in Canada, USA, England and in many countries. We want to give you the best possible service, so please do not hesitate to call, write, or email us . Contact Ayur Sudha Ayurvedic Centre for your Skin diseases.

Skin Treatments @ AYUR-SUDHA

Our AYUR-SUDHA is specialized in treating Common to Chronic Skin Diseases with Ayurvedic Medicines. Team of Ayurvedic Doctors under the observation of Dr. Amit Dutta has treated many Skin Diseases including, Psoriasis, Eczema, Atopic eczema, Vitiligo, Acne, Ichthyosis, Lichen Planus, Oral Lichen, Pemphigus Vulgaris. These terms and conditions of use shall govern your use of the site, and all other..

Best Skin Specialist in India

Dr. Amit Dutta’s Super Speciality Ayurveda Centre is located in Jalandhar City but patients visits us from Amritsar, Ludhiana, Phagwara, Khanna, Chandigarh, New Delhi, Rajasthan, Himachal, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana. Not only form India but from Canada, America, USA, London, England, Australia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Norway, France, Italy, Germany and from many other countries patients either visit us or take online consultation and treatments from our centre.

    Clinic Address
    67-A, Guru Ravidass Nagar
    Near Guru Ravidass Chowk
    Jalandhar City – 144003 , Punjab ,India

    Phone NumberMobile: +91-98033-56060 , +91 98030-39369
    Telephone: +91-181-2464111

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    Ayurvedic Doctors of AYUR-SUDHA

    Dr. Amit Dutta. Ayurvedic Doctor ,best Skin Specialist in India

    Dr. Amit Dutta

    Chief Ayurvedic Consultant

    Specialist in Skin Diseases and Pulse reading. Dr. Dutta is very experienced in treating Chronic Health Issues with Ayurvedic medicines. He is renowned Ayurvedic Doctor and Ayurveda Skin Specialist. Treat your…

    Dr. Shivani Ahir

    Ayurvedic Doctor

    Ayurvedic Doctor. She is specialist in treating Female Health issues and diseases. She assists Dr. Amit Dutta for the Skin Diseases and Panchakarma Therapies. Ayurvedic Specialist for hormonal disorders in females..…

    Dr. S.K. Dutta


    Physical therapists can also help you prevent injury or loss of functional mobility. Your PT can analyze your movements before you are injured and offer strategies to help keep you…

    Dr. Abha Sharma

    Ayurvedic Doctor

    How do you know if you require the skilled services of a physical therapist? If you have an injury or illness that results in pain, physical impairment, or limited normal movement/loss of function…

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