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Actinic Dermatitis

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Actinic Dermatitis Ayurvedic Treatment

What is Actinic Dermatitis?

It is a skin disorder due to the exposure of UV Rays , Visible light or Sun Rays. The skin becomes photosensitive and reacts after the exposure of light. That is  why it is also known as Chronic Actinic Dermatitis, Photosensitive Dermatitis , Photo sensitive eczema or persistent light reactivity. It is the skin eruptions due to the long exposure of sun exposed skin. The lesions are red and itchy. Mainly effected on the face , neck , dorsal hands , for arms, scalp and upper chest. The overlying skin of the lesions becomes thick , that is lichenification of the skin, It represents disease becomes chronic. It can affect both dark and light skin , elderly people are more prone to this due to the long and large exposure to skin

Ayurvedic View on Actinic Dermatitis

The Pitta of the body gets vitiated due to the heat absorbed by the body and also taking Pitta vardhar diet , hot weather , alcohol . All these conditions aggravates the Pitta Dosha and vatta , then pitta goes to skin and gives its ill effect.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Actinic Dermatitis

AYUR SUDHA Ayurvedic formulations for Actinic Dermatitis are
Ayurvedic Sun Screening Lotions and Gels
Actopic Eczema cure cream
Ayurvedic Herbal Formulations which are helpful in balancing the excessive vitiated Pitta and also nourishes the skin.
The Nutrients in herbs enhances the immunity of the body to fight with disease.

Precautions of Actinic Dermatitis

The most important treatment is avoidance of Sun Exposure
Cold bath during hot weather
Apply ice packs on affected areas
Avoid Spicy , Pungent , Oily foods .

ACTINIC SKIN Problems – Skin Diseases due to Sun Rays

Actinic  Cheilitis

It is benign or pre- malignant changes on the lips due to chronic sun exposure. Features are Inflamation , Dry Lips , Thinned skin of the lips , Scaly patches.

Actinic Dermatitis

It is characterised by the severely itchy , red , inflamed and thickened dry skin , mainly to the exposed areas of to the sun light. The condition is also known as chronic photosensitivity dermatitis and actinic reticuloid.

Actinic Elastosis

Solar elastosis is a disorder in which the skin appears yellow and thickened as a result of sun damage. It appears yellow and thick with bumps , wrinkles or furrowing to the naked eye.

Actinic Granuloma

It is an uncommon skin diseases presented with asymptomatic ring shaped plaques on sun exposed areas. It is more common in fair skin women living in sunny climates.

Actinic Keratoses

It is the reflection of abnormal skin cell development due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Rough and scaly spots on the sun exposed area of skin appears as multiple flat or thickened , scaly or warty , skin colored or reddened lesions.

Actinic  Prurigo

Actinic puriago is an intensive itchy skin problem caused by an abnormal reaction to the sunlight. Presented with small and intensely itchy papules on the sun exposed sites. The condition may persists throughout the year and usually worse in the summer months.

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