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Cutaneous Vasculitis

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Cutaneous Vasculitis


The vascular system refers to the collection of all blood vessels in the body. Vasculitis is a term used for a group of diseases characterized by the inflammation of and damage to the blood vessels walls.
Cutaneous Vasculitis is the term used for the inflammation or damage of the blood vessels in the skin. The inflammation may affect any of the vessels in the skin that may be capillaries , venules , arterioles and lymphatics.

The underlying cause is not found in most of the cases and this disease is self limiting. In a few cases the cutaneous Vasculitis can be the part of a more severe vasculitis affecting the other organs of the body. This is called systemic vasculitis.

Arise of  Cutaneous Vasculitis

  • Direct injury to the vessel wall by bacteria or virus.
  • Indirect injury by the activation of antibodies , which usually generates inflammation within the vessel wall.
  • Indirect injury through group of proteins in the blood and tissue fluids that attack the infection and foreign bodies and can damage the vessel wall.

Trigger factors of Vasculitis

  • Bacterial ,viral or other infections
  • Drug induced  Vasculitis :: Antibiotics , Thizide diuretics , Thiouracil , Oral Anticoagulants  , NSAID’s.
  • Food – some rare food can do this.
  • Reduced blood flow ::

Stasis , High fat content reduces blood flow in thigh and buttocks
:: medication that constricts blood
:: vessels :: Varicose veins
:: Peripheral vascular disease
:: Cold weather

  • Malignancy
  • Auto immune disorders like SLE , Dermatomyositis , Polyarteritis nodosa  , Rheumatoid arthritis.

Clinical Appearance
Acute , Subacute and Chronic are the three presentations of cutaneous vasculitis
Acute Vasculitis
Presented with bleeding under the skin (Purpura).
Small spots of bleeding ,called petechiae.
Large bruises are called Ecchymosis spots.

Subacute Vasculitis
It is presented as mild purpura in association with wheals, flat red patches and small bumps ( macules and papules). It may resembles like urticarial vasculitis.

Chronic Vasculitis
Chronic vasculitis is presented with macules and papules but purpura and urticaria may be present in some cases. Spots may be there for many months and doesn’t  bother the patient much.


  • Find out the underlying cause if there is any infection treat it or if it is drug induced stop immediately the medication.
  • Rest and elevated the affected limb.
  • Protect fragile skin from injury.
  • Ayurvedic oral medicines are very effective in all types of Cutaneous Vasculitis.
  • Herbal oils and herbal creams are very helpful in this condition.

If it is related with immune system disorders then Panchakarma Detoxification is very necessary.