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Ayurvedic Dosha – Hair Types

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The constitution of the dosha –Vata ,Pitta and Kapha- decides the features of the body so as the hairs. Each individual has the diiferent ratio of the three doshas and the  hairs are according to that doshas. The seven types of hairs according to the dosha are –

Vata type hairs are thin , dry with curls and the hairs with the maximum features of the vata dosha. These hairs can break easily . The vata hairs need proper nourishment internally and externally to reduce the affect of vata . this will check the falling. This is the scanty hairs or hair thinning, this condition is different than Baldness / Alopecia.

The pitta types hairs are grey , light brown coloured not blonde in colour but light coloured. This dosha may erase the hair from the scalp . The aggravating factors  like dietary and faulty life style increases the Pitta Dosha and hairs fall starts quickly.

The Kapha type hairs are thick and strong. Kapha hairs are in abundance and are good on the scalp. The kapha makes these hairs to grow faster and keep these strong and healthy. Graying of hairs is always common in pure kapha type persons. Kapha hairs may be too curly and curls will reduce as the hairs gets longer, it’s just opposite to the vata type hairs.

When the hairs are the combination of  two dosha Vata – Pitta , it means fire riding air. So the hairs may be too thin to be plucked easily and grey or just white hairs are due to the excess of pitta dosha. When there is a combination of Vata and Pitta , vata increases the effect of Pitta (Air Enhances the fire). This is a deadly combination of the doshas that causes alopecia. In this the hair strands will fall in patches. Seborrhoeic dermatitis , Dandruff and allergic disorders are related with this type of combination.


In this type of the combination the hairs are in abundance but they are completely grey. The pitta dosha brings the discoloration of the hairs and kapha keeps the hairs intact for the whole life. So the growth is good but the hairs are grey in this combination of dosha.


When there is a combination of Vata and Kapha dosha , the hairs are thick and strongh. Although the hairs are scanty due to this combination but are strong. We have seen clinically that the completely healthy hairs in the old age is generally due to the Vata Kapha combination or alone Kapha. When the vata is involved there are scanty hairs and there may be dryness and dandruff in some cases.


Although it is a rare form of the hair loss but still it is seen clinically. The features are mixed and usually changeable and most of the persons with this remains in the confusion . Treatment is difficult but patients may give good results.