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The Ayurvedic Approach to Allergy

The primary cause of allergy is accumulation of  “ AMA” formed by the imbalance of the digestive fire. ( Ama is the toxin formed due the faulty metabolism , it is a metabolic waste which is not removed by the body , is also called disease causing factor). This AMA or toxins can be viewed as an antigen triggering to immune system , which leads to the low immunity. This is the one factor , also other factors are very important like inappropriate diet and lifestyle , Overwork , Stress , chronic illness, seasonal changes , emotional factors  like anger , worry , greif. The manifestation of the allergy in the body depends upon the individual constitution of the body and current dosha stage. It is a doshic response to a particular allergen. So the symptoms appears according to the dosha predominance vatta , pitta or kapha. When the excess dosha from vatta –pitta –kapha gets associates with AMA  or toxins of body , the it moves to the channels tissues and cells of the body causing particular allergy.

The predominant dosha of the body often responsible for how body reacts to the particular allergen. The factors , diet , life style , environment  , synthetic chemical  can also cause  allergy but they are secondary to the predominant dosha. If more than one dosha is aggravated then mixed symptoms of allergy appears and its difficult to treat. If all the three doshas gets aggravated than it is very difficult to treat allergy. The doshic qualities which are excess in the body it stimulates the immune system to release antibodies to get rid from that particular allergen. The immune system try to remove the toxins ‘AMA from the body.        The vatta and pitta dominating prakruti are more prone to allergic conditions than Kapha prakruti persons.

Management of Allergies according to the dosha

VATA  Prakruti  Management 
Aggravating factors  for vata  are  dust , wind , mold , cold and dryness . The vata allergies  are more common in fall , changing of seasons . The typical symptoms of the vata are gas , bloating , abdominal discomfort , colicy intestinal pain , tinnitus – ringing in the ears , insomnia. Other features are wheezing , sneezing , dry cough and  runny nose.
Vata is very prone to digestive system irregularities, taking vata provoking food , food intolerance , gas forming food.

So for vata type allergies you have to avoid provoking food which are gas forming.
Vegetables like potatoes , tomatoes , peppers , egg , can also aggravates vata type of allergy. Cold Food , Cold Drinks , dried and dehydrated food can also aggravates vata.

 PITTA Prakruti Management 
The aggravating factors for Pitta are hot seasons , especially late summer. Some chemicals , house dust , synthetic fabrics , also can aggravates pitta. This aggravated pitta moves towards the surface of the skin and produces symptoms like Hives , Rashes , Urticaria, red and burning eyes , fever ,headaches , allergic dermatitis , eczema and sometimes Psoriasis.

For Pitta type of allergy avoid sour , acidic food , fermented food , hot & spicy food , excess salt , heavy deep fried food meals , fatty meats , vinegars , alcohol , red wine. Sour and citrus fruits are common trigger to pitta food allergies.

For balancing the Pitta avoid these above food and other things which aggravates the Pitta Dosha and hence Pitta allergies. Keep your body cool ,take shower , exercise during coolest time of the day . Eat well balanced food and light snacks whenever you feel Hungry

KAPHA Prakruti Management 

This type of allergies are more aggravated during the spring season. In this season plants and trees start pollinating . They becomes wet , dense and cold , then kapha started moving to the body . Cough cold , body aches , heaviness , dullness in body , profuse white congestion , sinus infection , asthma , rhinitis are the common features .
In this type of allergy stop taking cold drinks , sweet , sour and salty food, rich food and desserts .  Taking light and easily digestive food , vigorous exercise are the keys to avoid kapha allergy.

Anti Allergy treatments according to the constitution ( Prakruti ) of the body .

  • Assessing the type of body and type of dosha involved. Sometimes more than one dosha gets involved and its takes more time to treat.
  • According to the dosha involved we give the pachan aushadi , which improves the digestion and production of the ama – toxins gets decreased.
  • After pachana we give the medicines which removes the toxins or ama , which is already present in the body and causing disease.
  • Along with this we gives herbal Anti-Allergic and Blood purifiers .
  • After few days Immuno –modulator medicines has been started which Enhances the immune system and tissues of the body gets strengths to fight against the diseases causing factors.

Panchakarma Management & Therapies for Chronic Allergy

  • Langhana Chikitsa – Lightening Therapies for managening  AMA
  • Snehana  — By Using therapeutic Oils – internally and externally
  • Swedana  — Fomentation with herbs to open the blocked channels
  • Pradhan Karma – Vaman , Virechan , Basti , Rakt Mokshan
  • Shaman Chikitsas – Pacification Therapies
  • Sansargana Karma – After Purification Therapies

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