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Psoriasis Causes & Symptoms

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Causes and Symptoms of Psoriasis

The pathology starts due to the formation of “ama” the toxin produced by the faulty digestion. These are endo toxins which causes many disease to the body including skin diseases.  Poor digestion forms immature “rasa”  or chyle . This is the main culprit to develop  any disease. In Psoriasis the dosha becomes disturbed due to the faulty rasa dhatu. All the three doshas gets vitiated  and produce their symptoms. Deranged vata produces itching , scakly skin and dryness . Deranged pitta produces inflammation and heat. Deranged Kapha produced rough skin.
The imbalances of the dosha causes the “ Rasa vaha Strotas Dushti” , “ Medh vaha strotas Dushti”  and “Masma vaha Strotas dushti” and the channels (Srotas ) gets blocked . The proper nutrition doesn’t reach to skin – Twak- . Due to nutrition deficiency the   skin  becomes weak and diseased.

According to the Ayurveda the body is made of Five Basic Elements
 Pancha-Mahabhoot ( Prithvi- earth ,Jala- water , Akasha- Ether , Agni – Fire , Vayu – Air. )
Seven Primary Constituent elements – Sapt Dhatu – Rasa Dhatu- Plasma , Rakta Dhatu- Blood , Ashti Dhatu- Bones , Majja Dhatu – Bone Marrow , Mamsa Dhatu – Flesh muscles , Medha Dhatu – Fats , Shukra Dhatu- Semen and female reproductive tissues.
 Three elemenatal energies or humours.  Vata – Wind ,air or space , Kapha – Phlegam , fire and water , Pitta – Bile or water and earth.
The balance of the all above energies and elements is the state of health. The imbalance causes diasase.

Some External and Internal factors that trigger the Psoriasis are
The concept of immunity according to Ayurveda involves four factors of physiology: Ama (toxicity), Agni ( the digestive capacity), Dosha (the balance of physiology), Ojas (the physical principle of immunity equivalent to T-cells, natural killer cells, phagocytes, macrophages, eosinophils, basophils, leukocytes, etc,). When these factors are healthy and balanced then the person is strong, happy, and long living. Ama that chronically resides in the cell membrane gives rise to an attack on it from the body’s immune system and this is autoimmune dysfunction. The body attacks itself.

There are 10% of the chance that the person gets psoriasis from the parents. Have both the parents with psoriasis increases the chance upto 40 %. A research is going on to find out the gene that cause psoriasis.

Cold weather aggravates the condition of psoriasis and hot and sunny weather is good for the patient suffering from psoriasis.

Stress is the one of the most important cause that usually trigger this skin condition.

Any viral or bacterial infection are well known for the trigger of Psoriasis. Respiratory diseases , Strep throat , HIV , Stahphylococcus skin infections usually trigger the disease.

Beta Blockers , Brufen , Lithium , Anti Malerials , NASIAD’s , Alcohol , Mepacrine are some drugs that may makes the condition worst.

Some patients may get new lesions after injury. They may feel fatures after 2 weeks.

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