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Lupus Vulgaris

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Lupus Vulgaris


It is the cutaneous tuberculosis (Skin TB) caused by the same bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis that also affects the lungs. It is uncommon form of TB rather than other organs and tissues.  It is also known as Tuberculosis Cutia Luposa.

The pathogen may reach the skin by sxogenous inoculation via blood or lymph from a tuberculous internal organ or by direct extension from underlying infected glands or joints.

The characteristic feature of lesions is reddish-brown plaque that are composed of nodules which shows an “apple-jelly” colour when pressed with glass spatula (Diascopy). The disease most often affects the face leading to disfigurement due to the destructive skin lesions. It is very common in women as in men.TYPES OF Cutaneous TB

There are different types of cutaneous TB . Direct infection of the skin or mucous membranes are from the outside source of the Mycobacteriua results in an initial lesion called the tubercular chancre. These are firm shallow ulcers with a granular base.

TB Verrucosa cutis
Lupus Vulgaris
Millary TB

Skin Biopsy is the main confirmatory diagnostic test , the presence of AFB confirms it. The some more tests includes.Tuberclin skin test (Mantoux)
Sputum Culture
Chest X-Ray
Interferon Gamma release assaya (IGRA)

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