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Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA ) Ayurvedic Treatment

Rheumatoid Arthritis (Amavata)

This condition is well known in Ayurveda as “Amavata”. Rheumatoid is considered as an auto-immune disease of the joints that causes chronic inflammation of joints. It may also cause inflammation of the tissues around joints. Advanced stage of RA may lead to other organs involvement in the body.

Ayurvedic view on R.A. – Rheumatoid Arthritis

We could compare RA with Vata Raktha explained in ayurvedic classics texts. this condition may appears due to excess physical and mental activities, including in bitter and astringent foods, lack of activities causes aggravation of vayan vata which causes irregular blood circulation and unwholesome food habits, sedentary life style, habit of sleeping in day time and having
excessive sour salty food, causes aggravation of raktha dhatu (blood tissue). This vitiated raktha dhatu starts
vitiating vyana vata and vyana vata in turn aggravate rakta. These factors leads to increasing the diseases factors. These vitiated factors spread all over the body and starts pathogenesis in this joints. Vata raktha disease thus manifest in different joints.

Based on the progress of the disease it has two stages.

Initial stage uthana vata raktha and advanced stage called Gambheera vata raktha.

In uthana, twak(skin), and mamsa (muscle tissue) are affected while in
Gambheera vata raktha, deeper tissues medas (fat tissue), asthi (bone tissue), majja (marrow) are

Ayurvedic Treatment with Joint & Muscles Wellness Kit

In Ayurveda treatment, the selection and dosage of medicines are specific to the patient and will depend
on which of the three doshas are out of balance. Ayurveda has a rich tradition of plant
pharmacotherapy with a great variety of anti-arthritic plants believed to improve digestion, remove toxin and
balances doshas.

Ayurvedic treatment for RA includes herbal medicines and medicated oil. It will help to increase the mobility
of the joints, relive muscular spasm, and push accumulated toxins into the large intestine. These
toxins are expelled from the body by medicated herbs.

This kit Contains : –

Rest-Artho.  60 Capsules 

Jointo.          60  Capsules         

 Joint Aid Granules  300 gm 

Jointo Oil  90 ml  for external application.


Rest Artho

is made from 5 different extracts of herbs namely – Ashwagandha, Boswellia, Curmuma, Ginger and Parijat. These herbs help in balancing the vata dosha in body, joints, muscles and cartilage. It has anti-inflammatory properties and check the degeneration of cartilage, it improves the circulation in joints and provides strength to musculoskeletal system.

Jointo Capsules

have unique combination of herbs Nirgundi, Moringa and Hadjor, Mahayograj  guggulu is one of the famous traditional yog for joint disorders. Improves the joint mobility, rejuvenates, strengthens bone and joints.

Joint Aid Granules

 the combination of herbs in this product helps in detoxification of body including all tissues of body, accelerate rejuvenation, balances vata, pitta, kapha and improves the functioning of joint, muscles and bones.

Jointo Oil

is made from the many herbs which is used externally to reduce inflammation and pain free joint mobility.

Clinically we have seen that this kit helps in many cases who are suffering from Joint, Muscles, Nerves and auto immune disorders of joints.


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