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Rosacea is a very common and chronic rash involving the central face  which looks like acne. It is very common in those with fair skin , blue eyes and celtic origin. It is characterized by its red colour and may be transient , recurren or persistent. Many people known it as Acne Rosacea which is wrong , this skin condition is unrelated to acne.
The main symptom of rosacea are red or pink patches with visible tiny broken blood vessels ( called – telangiectasias ) , small red bumps sometimes containing pus , red cyst and pink or irritated eyes.
Many people thinks that rosecea is non – treatable or it can’t be cured. But with Ayurvedic Medicnes it is well treated without any side effect.
Rosacea is not an infectious or contagious disorder. There is no proven evidence that rosacea can be spresd by contact with things like sharing towel , direct skin contact or through inhalation.

Rosacea  is a different skin condition than Acne , although they baoth can coexist.
Rosecea is different than acne as there are no blackhead or whiteheads in rosacea.
Most of the teens eventually outgrow acne whereas persons with rosacea don’t generally ourgrow it.
Rosacea have mostly small red bumps that are not sqeezable like pimples or blackheads in Acne .
The people affected with rosacea have rosy or pink coloured skin as in acne patients skin is usually less red.
Rosacea strikes both sexes asn potentially all ages. It is more common in females but more severe in males. Very uncommon in children and very infrequent in darker people with black skin.

The causes of rosacea includes genetic factor , environmental , vascular and inflammatory factors . chronic exposure to UV rays palys a good role.
Cathelicidium is important as a part of skin’s normal defence against microbes. It promotes infiltration of neutrophils in the dermis ans dilation of blood vessels. Neutrophils release nitric acid which results in vasodilation. The fluid leeks out from these vessels causing swelling .
Rosacea may be aggraved by some facial creams oils and especially by topical steroids.
Emotional stress , fear , anxiety ,embarrassment are the triggering factors of rosacea.
Excersise , alcohol consumption , emotional upset and spicy food are the very well known factors that triggers it.

Vata gets vitiated due to unhealthy food (Aahaar) , wrong life style ( Vihaar ) , faulty daily routine ( Dicharaya) ,then it aggravated Kapha and Pitta which give bad effect to   Blood ( Rakt Dhatu ) .
Dushit rakt dhatu causes more oil secretion ( kapha ) from the skin , which causes damage to the skin and the vessels of the skin becomes visible and brittle and rosacea are formed ultimately.

Pitta Vitation causes skin Red Soft and Small pimples are formed , they tends to aggravate in Hot weather
Kapha Vitation causes  sticky and purulent in the red bumps of the rosacea , the lesions are pale , hard and tends to aggravates in Winters.

The treatment is to balance the Dosha of the body by adopting right medicine, correct life style , according to the constitution of the body.

Oral Ayurvedic Medication ::

  • Oral herbs help to correct the imbalance of the three humors or dosha which causes Acne.
  • By purifying the blood it restores the lost luster of skin and strengths the skin internally.
  • It provides the vital nutrients to the body and skin to fight the acne , sometimes the vital nutrients are not easily provided from the diet , which we give orally as a herbal formulations.
  • Helps to reduce the sebum production ( Kapha formation) and makes skin clear
  • Stimulates the Immune system of the skin to fight against disease causing factors

Face Packs  for Rosacea
Herbal  face packs are necessary to nourish the skin , it exfoliates the dead skin , dirt, pollutants , harmful bacteria, it deeply penetrates into the skin and removes all acne & rosacea causing elements from the skin and rejuvenates it.
It reduces the scar , removes dead skin , provides relaxing and soothing skin.

ADVANCED AYURVEDA SKIN TREATMENT CENTRE’S —    Own Formulated and  Widely Tested Ayurvedic Formulations  to treat all types of acne and skin problems.

  • These formulations are 100 percent natural , authentic , safe  , with no side effect
  • All Medicines are formulated by certified by the Ayurvedic Department
  • Effective and safe to all ages

 It is a common ,chronic adult acne like skin condition which is easily treated with Ayurvedic Medicines without any side effects.
Rosacea has peroidic ups and downs which is known as Flare up and Remission peroid.
Rosacea may begin with easy facial blushing or flushing and easliy controllable and manageabvle with AYURVEDA.
The central portion of the face is mainly affected and causes red pimples ans fine red lines on the facial skin.
It is mostly misdiagnosed as Sunburn , rosy cheeks or quite often Acne.
The hot and spicy foods , Alcohol , stress and heat are the most common triggering factors of rosacea.
Untreated rosacea may tends to worsen over times and may cause bulbous red nose like W.C. Fields.

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