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Urticaria – Hives

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Urticaria – Hives

Urticaria or hives are the red , itchy , raised areas of the skin that appears in varying shapes and sizes , which are no longer be there for 6 to 12 hours.  Urticaria refers to a group of skin disordrs affecting adults and children. The skin swelling seen in urticaria may forms weals that can be a few mm or several cm in diameter , white or red coloured often surrounded by a red flare and frequently itchy. Weals may be roung or form rings a map like pattern or gaint patches.
Hives are very common and most often their cause is elusive. Ordinary urticaria flare up suddenly. It can change size rapidly and to move around , disappearing in one place and reappearing in the other places , often in a matter of hours. This skin condition is not usually associated with long term or serious complications.


Urticaria results from some changes in the small blood vessels of the skin. Such changes are brought about by the release of some substances in the body, the commonest of which is histamine. Histamine is released from cells called mast cells and the basophils in the skin by either an allergic or non-allergic reaction.


 In Ayurveda this type of allergic reation is known as “Sheetpitta”. According to the ayurveda principles the  condition is due to the pitta dosha. Vata and kapha are the two dosha which gets disturbed after the pitta vitiation. So all the three dosha are involved in Sheetpitta altough it is basically due to Pitta dosha vitiation. The pitta combination to vata and kapha create redness , swelling and itching on the skin. Acute condition is associated with more diffuse swelling of lips , face , throat and is spread all over the body.


The primary cause of urticaria is accumulation of  “ AMA” formed by the imbalance of the digestive fire.
( Ama is the toxin formed due the faulty metabolism , it is a metabolic waste which is not removed by the body , is also called disease causing factor)
This AMA or toxins can be viewed as an antigen triggering to immune system , which leads to the low immunity.
This is the one factor , also other factors are very important like inappropriate diet and lifestyle , Overwork , Stress , chronic illness, seasonal changes , emotional factors  like anger , worry , greif.
The manifestation of the urticaria in the body depends upon the individual constitution of the body and current dosha stage. It is a doshic response to a particular allergen. So the symptoms appears according to the dosha predominance vatta , pitta or kapha. When the excess dosha from vatta –pitta –kapha gets associates with AMA  or toxins of body , the it moves to the channels tissues and cells of the body causing particular allergy.
 The predominant dosha of the body often responsible for how body reacts to the particular allergen. The factors , diet , life style , environment  , synthetic chemical  can also cause  urticaria but they are secondary to the predominant dosha.
If more than one dosha is aggravated then mixed symptoms of urticaria appears and its difficult to treat. If all the three doshas gets aggravated than it is very difficult to treat allergy.
The doshic qualities which are excess in the body it stimulates the immune system to release antibodies to get rid from that particular allergen. The immune system try to remove the toxins ‘AMA from the body.


The early allergy can be treated easily and the chronic condition of urticaria takes its own time to relieved.

Urticaria  treatments according to the constitution ( Prakruti ) of the body .

  • Assessing the type of body and type of dosha involved. Sometimes more than one dosha gets involved and its takes more time to treat.
  • According to the dosha involved we give the pachan aushadi , which improves the digestion and production of the ama – toxins gets decreased.
  • After pachana we give the medicines which removes the toxins or ama , which is already present in the body and causing disease.
  • Along with this we gives herbal Anti-Allergic and Blood purifiers .
  • After few days Immuno –modulator medicines has been started which Enhances the immune system and tissues of the body gets strengths to fight against the diseases causing factors.

Panchakarma Management & Therapies for Chronic Allergy

  • Langhana Chikitsa – Lightening Therapies for managening  AMA
  • Snehana  — By Using therapeutic Oils – internally and externally
  • Swedana  — Fomentation with herbs to open the blocked channels
  • Pradhan Karma – Vaman , Virechan , Basti , Rakt Mokshan
  • Shaman Chikitsas – Pacification Therapies
  • Sansargana Karma – After Purification Therapies

Advanced Ayurveda Skin Treatment Centre has Made their own KIT for URTICARIA which is very effective in Urticaria and alike conditions. Although some are using only traditional medicines . Our kit contains Herbal Oil , herbal Body wash , Herbal Oral Medicines and Herbal body lotions which makes our treatment unique and effective from the others.

The traditional Ayurvedic Yogas are used for the treatment of Urticaria are

  • Haridra Khanda
  • Panchtikt Ghrit guggulu
  • Kaishore Guggulu
  • Khadirarishta
  • Geloy satva
  • Arogyavardhini vati
  • Nimbadi churan


  1. DERMAZYME – PLUS 60 Caps, 1 Cap Twice a day
  2. SKIN RASAYAN 60 Caps, 1 Cap Twice a day
  3. MANJISHTAIDE KSHAYAM 60 Tabs, 1 Tab Twice a day



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