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Scabies is an itchy rashes on the skin and highly contagious skin condition caused by a little mite that burrows in the skin surface. The human scabies mite’s scientific name is Sarcoptes scabiei.

It is a communicable disease and always acquired by skin to skin contact with someone else who have scabies. The contact may be quite brief such as holding hands. Most of the time it is aquired from  children  and sometimes it is sexually transmitted. Occasionally scabies is aquired via bedding or furnishings , as the mite can survive for a few days off its human host.
Scabies doesn’t occurs due to poor hygeine. It is also not due to animal mites , which do not infest humans. However animal mites can be responsible for bites on exposed sites usually the forearms.
An infected host is infested by adult 10-12 adults mites . After mating the amle dies . the female scabies mite burrows into the outside layers of the skin  where she lays up to 3 eggs each day for her lifetime of one to two months. The development from egg to adult scabies mite requires 10 to 14 days.

Itching – the itching appears a few days after infestation. The itch is characteristically more severe at night and affects the trunk and limbs.
Burrows –  Scabies burrows appears as tiny grey irregular tracks between the fingers and on the wrists. They may also be the found in armpits , buttocks , on the penis , insteps and back of heels. Microscopic examination of the contents of a burrow may reveal mites , eggs or mite faeces.
Generalised rash –
Scabies rash appears as tiny red intensely itch bumps on the limbs and trunk. It can easily be confused with dermatitis or urticaria. These rashes appears due to an allergy to the mites.
Nodules –
The itchy lumps or nodules in the armpits and groins or along the shaft of the penis are very suggestive of scabies. These nodules may persist for several weeks or longer after successful readication of the living mits.
Acropustolosis –
Blisters and pustules on the palms and sole are characteristic of scabies in infants.
Secondary infections –
Impetigo commonly complicates scabies and results in crushing patches and scratched pustules. Cellulitus may occurs resulting in painful swelling and redness associated with fever. Scabies rarely affects the face and scalp . this may be the case in young babies and bedbound elderly patients.
 The diagnosis of scabies is made clinically by the typical symptoms and the typical rashes that appears on the skin.
The mite burrows on the skin confirms the diagnosis.
Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between the rash caused by scabies and some other skin conditions. Therefore a scraping from the skin is sometimes sent to the lab to took for mites under the microscope , if there is any doubt about the diagnosis.
If the itching and a rash develop in several people who live in the same house at about same time then scabies is a likely cause.

Scabies is curable with Ayurvedic Medicines .

Local application of the  oils which kills the mites of scabies that means herbal insecticide for local use. The oil should apply over the skin after hot bath throughout the body below chin and the gentally rub over the body. The oil is made of Nimboli , Maha Marichadi , Gandhak , Chalmogra , chandan , manjishta and khadir. Apply the oil daily for seven to fourteen days till the symptoms relieved and mits gets killed.

Oral herbal mixtures made of  Haridra , Khadir , Manjishta , Gandhank Rasayan , Kaishore guggulu , Ras Manikya  , Mahamanjishtaide qwath , Neem , Arogyavardhini vati  are the medicines which are used orally for 4 weeks.

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