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Skin Ulcers

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Skin Ulcers

A Skin ulcer is an open wound on the skin commonly accompanied by the sloughing off the tissue which are inflamed. It could be caused by a trauma, problem with blood circulation , exposed to cold and heat ,health problem such as infection , prssure sore , vein problem like venous skin ulcers.
Small ulcers on the skin are caused by insect bites , splints or casts which usually heal in a couple of weeks. In individuals with peripheral vascular disease may have ulcers that never heals completely. Skin ulcers may become infected and cause sreious illness.

According to the Ayurveda ulcers are known as “Vrana”. Which is divided into two types Healing ulcers are called “ Nijaa Varna” and Non Healing ulcers are called “ Dushta Varna”. Varna is the skin condition in which the tissues undergo destruction andafter healing it leaves its scar.
From the Ayurvedic prospective, Vrana formation is a condition of Vata –Kapha origin. Vata is responsible for the faulty division of cells and Kapha for their growth. Hence Vata pushes Kapha out of the balance that results in the formation of Granthi.
Kapha plays the predominant role as it enters the affected dhatus. The dhatus that involves in this are Medas , Mamsa and Rakta. This results in the slow growth of the Granthi.
In non healing ulcers Pitta is vitiated and the condition becomes worst due to the involvement of all the three dosha. The agni becomes dushit and starts digesting the surroundings tissues of the body slowly. In this the dosha also goes to the Mamsa dhatu (Muscular tissue ) and Ashti dhatu ( Bones) , as it goes deep it becomes more difficult to treat.


  • Open crater in the skin where layers of the skin have disappeared
  • Redness of skin round the crater
  • Exposed muscles , bone or tendons.
  • In infected ulcers Pus draining from the skin
  • Pain  , bleeding , tenderness and swelling of the skin.
  • Fever
  • Red stresks in the skin

There are many types of ulcers of the skin. The two most common types of uclers includes Venous Skin ulcers which normally affect the feet and the legs which is caused by the reduction of the blodd flow in the legs. The other common type is pressure ulcers which is usually caused by excess pressure on the skin on any part of the body. Both have the similar featuers and symptoms but treatment is different due to underlying cause.

Ayurveda provides authentic treatment for Healing & Non Healing Ulcers

  • Oral Mixtures of Herbs and Herbo-Mineral Medicines.
  • Pancha-Karma Detoxification Therapies

Proper Internal and External Oleation and fomentation followed by Virechana and Sansarjan Karma .

  • Blood Letting – Rakt Mokshana via Leech  in some cases.
  • The washing of the ulcers by the proper made Qwatha from the herbs that kill the organisms that causes the disease and maintains the proper hygiene.  
  • A Paste of Herbal Medicines is applied deep into the lesions that check the growth of the disease causing organisms. It fastens the healing of the ulcers.
  • Anti septic dressing with medicated oils and creams made of – Nimba Taila , Karanj oil , Jatyaide oil , Apamarg kshar oil.
  • Oral medications which are useful in all types of ulcers are Dashmoolarishta , Khadirarishta , Haridra , Tulsi leaves , Panchtikt ghrit guggulu , Kanchanaar Guggulu , Mahamanjishtaide qwath , Panchatikta ghrit guggulu for local application also , Kaishore guggulu. Ashwgandha , Swarn makhika bhasma , Vaikrant bhasma , Abhrak bhasma are useful in skin ulcers.

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