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Xerosis is known as dry skin. In Ayurveda it is the Vata Type Skin . Dry skin occurs due to loss of moisture which may be due to cold weather , chronic skin problems or some other reasons. The dry areas may results in dermatitis.
Vata is the humour of the body which is a moving force. It is responsible for all the body activities and sensation. Vata skin have an increased tendancy  to be dry and is prone to a lack of circulation and premature aging.
According to the Ayurveda the human body has three humours and each have their own percentage in the body – Vata , Pitta and kapha are three humours. The skin have the features according to the dominant humour.
Vata dominant skin has qualities of the ether and air elements. It tends to dry , rough , cold , thin and light qualities in the skin . This leads to dry , cracked , rough skin with poor circulation and dark marks on the skin.
The poor circulation in the skin will not provide proper nourishment to the skin tissues and cells that leads to faster destruction of the skin cells. Lack of glow , wrinkles , freckels , dark spots ,dead skin and aged skin are the few conditions that usually arise with  vata skin.
Vata skinned persons may  also have tendancy to be anxious , worrying and nervousness. These tendencies alsom play a role in making the Vata skin dry , rough and prone to wrinkles , pigmentations.


Our Advanced Ayurveda Skin Treatment Centre has developed many products for different skin conditions so as for Vata Skin Condition. These are Herbal Oils , herbal Lotions and Herbal creams for the local use for the vata type skin. These products not only gives the relief from vata conditions but also nourishes the skin and promotes healthy and radient skin.

Dryness of the skin is due to the external and internal factors , it gives the clear evidence that the skin has lost most of its essential protective functions. The sun rays , hard water , wind and cold weather affects the skin and skin looses its softness , dries up quickly and after wash the skin get unusually rough and hard.

Some chemicals , cosmetics , weather , excessive bathing with harsh soaps causes dry skin. The dry skin becomes very prone to skin sllergy , dermatitis , eczema , psoriasis  , seborrhoea and non specific itching .

The persons who have vata predominant skin and contitution needs proeper treatment and sometimes the persons who have not vata type may also get dry skin due to external and internal factors.

Apply honey on the body externally is good for dry skin , Honey taking internally is also very good for vata type skin . Half TSF honey and 2 TSF of rose water are mixed and then apply on the body , neck , face or other areas of the body is natural moisturizer for the skin. This mixture tones the skin and make skin smooth and glowing.

Oil massage with Vata oils for vata type skin made by our centre gives very good results and it is safe for all ages even in neonates and children.

Milk cream or clarified butter is a very  good natural moisturizer which can be  apply before or after bath to the full body.