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Raynaud’s Phenomenon

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Raynaud’s Phenomenon

Raynaud’s Phenomenon , Raynaud’s Syndrome, Raynaud’s Disease is a type of vasculitis or the inflammation of the blood vessels. Raynaud’s disease  is a condition causing narrowing of the arteries which the episodic reduction in the blood supply to the fingers and toes occurring mainly in response to cold. While the cause of this condition is unknown. It is believed that the blood vessels over react to cold temperatures and stress and go into spasm and causing theses symptoms. This leads to the numbness and coolness in the fingers, toes , tip of nose and ears. The two main subtypes of Raynaud’s Phenomenon are

  • Primary Raynaud phenomenon – it is not associated with any underlying medical  conditions.
  • Secondary Raynaud phenomenon is usually associated with some other health conditions. Like  scleroderma , lupus , rheumatoid arthritis , repetitive trauma , smoking , injuries and medications.

Ayurvedic  treatment for Raynaud’s Diseases is amied at the reducing the severity and number of attacks and preventing the tissue damage and most important treating the underlying cause in secondary raynaud’s phenomenon.
The herbs and ayurvedic herbo-mineral medicines helps to prevent the spasm in of the blood vessels , arteries and capilliries. Rakt Prasaadak herbs of ayurveda helps in many ways. The ayurvedic medicines which are mostly helpful in theses conditions are—Haridra ( Curcuma Longa ) , Ashwaganda ( Withenia somnifera) , Manjishta ( Rubia cordifolia) , Saariva ( Hemidesmus indicus) , Pancha Tikta Ghrit guggulu , Swarn Makishk Bhasma , Guduchi ( Tinospora cordifolia) , Daruharidra ( Berberis aristeta) , Arogyavardhini vati.

The over reaction of the blood vessels to the stress is mantained by the herbs like Tagar , Jyotishmati , Jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi ) , shankhpushpi  ( Convolvulus pluricaulia ) , Vacha (Acorus calamus) , Sarapgandha ( Raulwofia serpentina) are very effective in   managing this condition. These herbs not only reduces the stress factor but alos improves the blood circulation in the extermities which reduces the spasm and hence helps in healing and preventing the ulcers .  

In the secondary Raynaud’s Disease the treatment of the underlying cause is prority , and other medicnes will help to recover faster. The factors which affects the immune system and immune diseases are treated with immuno modulater medicines which enhances the immune system.  

The Process of Detoxification and Panchakarma for Raynaud’s Phenomenon includes-
First of all Improves and corrects the faulty digestive system to check the “ama” or toxin formation. So that the health “Rasa Dhatu “ gets formed.
Removal of the already formed toxins from the body muscles , skin and from circulatory system through oral Ayurvedic Medicines.

Panchakarma therapies  like virechana asnd basties are very effective in Secondry Raynaud’s Phenomenon. External and internal snehan should be done in proper manner before going to virechana. The virechana should be mild so that patient may bear it easliy.

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