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Ayurvedic Hair Treatment

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 The Ayurvedic treatment decided for the hair disorders is mainly depends upon the correct diagnosis. The causes of hair loss are different so the treatment is also different for different patients. The causes includes Vata, Pitta ,Kapha and their combination, Infections  , immune system disorders , trauma , drug induced etc. the deciding of treatment is also depends on the constitution of the body of the patients and the vitiation of the dosha and dhatu.
 According to the Ayurveda hairs are considered as the byproduct of the bone formation. The tissues responsible for building bones are also responsible for the growth of the hairs. The early hair loss is related to body type and the balance of the mind body constitution (Doshas) and those who have excess pitta in their system are likely to be lose hair early in the life , they may have premature thinning or grey hairs.  Excess of pitta in the sebaceous gland at the root of the hairs or hair follicles may make the person start loosing hairs.


Hair loss treatment in Ayurveda is the combination of   Local Treatment , Diet , Meditation , Yoga , Oral Herbs and Panchakarma therapies.


In this treatment Medicated Hair oils , Herbal Hair Creams , Herbal Shampoos , Herbal Lotions , Ayurvedic Hair Tonics  are used on the head in the different patients according to the problems of hairs.
The herbs wich are very effective for topical use are – Bhringraj ( Eliptica Alba) Oil , Amalki ( Emblica officinalis ) oil , Brahmi ( Bocopa monnieri ) oil , Jaswand 9 Hibiscus rosa sinensis ) Oil , Bhallatak Oil ( Semicarpus anacardium ).


The  combination of herbs for oral use is decided according to the dosha involved and the cause of the hair fall. As the hair diseases are related to the “Ashti Dhatu”  or bone tissue so to treat hair loss the medicines which gives strength to the bone are given orally for long term. The herbs which are immunomodulator are also given to the patients with hair loss. In case of hormonal disturbance herbs which are hormonal balancer are used.
Some which are effective in hair disorders are  – Gokshur ( Tribulus terrestris) , Bhringraj ( Eliptica Alba) , Amalki ( Emblica officinalis ) , Brahmi ( Bocopa monnieri ) , Guduchi ( Tinospora  cordifolia) , Jatamansi (Narsostachya jatamansi ), Shankhapushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis) , Vacha ( Acorus calamus), PanchaTikt Ghrit guggulu  , Arogya Vardhini Vati , Gandhak Rasayan , Parval Panchamrit .

Saw Palmetto is also very beneficial in androgenic alopecia in which DHT is the culprit . it stimulates the hair growth and slowdowns the loss of hairs. Saw palmetto blocks 5 Alpha Reductase Enzyme to prevent conversion of Testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and this reduces the level of DHT in the blood. 


The panchakarma therapies are used as detoxification , rejuvenation and immunomodulatory. In detoxification the “shiro nasya” is a good therapy in which medicated oil or medicated ghee is inserted  through nostrils as “ Pratimarsha Nasya” which is good in preventing premature baldness and graying of hairs.
“Shiro lep” and “Shiro Picchu”  are the two procedures which are helpful in the alopecia , alopecia areata and it helps to open the hair follicles and promotes the growth of new hairs.
“Shirovasti” is another procedure for the hair disorders, Neurological problems , Stress and depression and for the patients who have lost their hair due to these problems and drug induced.
In some cases Leech Therapy at the bald spots is also used for the local detoxification.Mediated enema as a Ksheer Basti is used in those who have Vata dosha in excess


Vegetables, Cereal grains, Legumes , eggs and mils are good source of Vitamin B5 which is known as Calcium Panthothenate or D- Pantothenic acid , is good for grey hairs.
Natural Iron  and folic acid is also effective in hair loss due to anaemia.
Sesame seeds are very effective for the hairs , it contains natural calcium and magnesium which are good for hairs.
Yogurt is a good tonic for the hairs , take  some yogurt daily unless allergic to milk or milk products.


ADVANCED AYURVEDA SKIN TREATMENT CENTRE has made different kits for different hair conditions. It Includes Herbal Hair Creams, Herbal Hair Oils , Herbal Hair Shampoos , Herbal Hair Tonic , Herbal Hair Lotions and Oral Herbal Medicines. Each kit have its unique properties and different combination of the herbs for the different types of patients. The Kit is purely herbal no chemicals and hazardous materials or preservatives are used in it. Completely safe for all ages including neonates and children.

  • Ayurvedic Kit for Male Alopecia   – Male Pattern Baldness – Androgenetic Alopecia in males.
  • Ayurvedic Kit for Female Alopecia – Female Pattern Baldness – Androgenetic Alopecia in females .
  • Ayurvedic Kit for the Hair Thinning
  • Ayurvedic Kit for the Dandruff and Seborrhoeic Dermatitis.
  • Ayurvedic Kit for the Scalp Psoriasis.
  • Ayurvedic Kit for the Children Hair Disorders including the infections of the scalp.
  • Ayurvedic Kit for the Alopecia Areata.
  • Ayurvedic Kit for the Hair Growth.

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