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Syphilis is a complex sexually transmitted infection –STI- caused by the bacteria Treponems padllidum. Initially syphilis appears as apainless ulcer where the infection entered and may go unnoticed. The sore is known as a chancre and this phase is known as primary syphilis.
Widespread rash is the next stage i.e. secondary syphilis. If it is not treated it may develop into tertiary syphilis in later years ans cause a variety of problems affecting the heart , eyes brain and bones.

Once infected there is an incubation peroid of anywhere from 10-90 days before any signs becomes appears. The average peroid is 21 days in which usually signs appears.

Single small firm red painless sore quickly ulcerates –chancre-. Heals within 4 to 8 weeks with or without treatment. Sores may be inside the vagina or anus and often go unnoticed.

 If the treatment is not done properly or remained untreated then it takes 3 weeks to 3 months to spread as skin rashes. These rashes may be subtle or appear as rough , red or reddish brown spots.
It may occurs anywhere on the body but frequwntly affects palms and soles. Patchy hair loss . Red mucosal surfaces such as inside the mouth , throat , genital area, vagina and anus. 
Other symptoms includes fever , tiredness, muscles and joint pains, headache and swollen lymph glands.
Other affected organs may include liver , kidneys and CNS, joints and eyes.

Normal clinically in this stage with no signs. Continued infection found by positive treponemal antibody tests.

 The signs and symptoms may develop 3 to 10 years after initial infection.
Solitary granulomatous lesion – gummas- may be found on the skin , in the mouth and throat or occur in bones. Small or large nodules or ulcers may persists for years. Skin lesions may be painless but gummas in long bones causes a deep boaring pain that worse at night.
Neurosyphilis – in this brain is invloves which causes headaches , dizziness , blurred vision , mental disturbances , paralysis and dementia.
If the Spinal cord is involved it results in unsteady gait , bladder disturbances , impotence and sensory changes resulting in collapsed joints and foot ulcers. Other internal organs such as the heart , blood vessels , eyes , liver and blood may be damaged by infection.

Congenital syphilis may be prevented by treatment prior to 16 weeks gestation.
Miscarriage or stillbirth may occurs. The risk to the foetus is greatest with early untreated maternal syphilis.
In the first few weeks of life , effects resembles secondary syphilis including blisters , scaly rash, mucous patches and condyloma latum. Blood changes includes anaemia , reduced platelets and increased white cells. Late congenital syphilis often affects eyes – interstitisl keratitis – , ears , joints and CNS.

It can be detected during the early infectious stages by a dark field examination of the tissue or tissue fluid taken from primary ulcer.
In later stages of syphilis , blood or CSF for serological tests are necessary for diagnosis.
Non Specific no- Tremponemal tests are RPR and VDRL.
Specific Anti-Treponemal antibody test are TPHA , EIA ( Enzyme Immunoassay Antibody )

In ayurveda Syphilis is known as “Firanga”. It is a disorder of blood . The Kapha controls the circulation of blood. So, according to Ayurveda the treatment of Syphilis is done as a vitiation of the Kapha Dosha.
Syphilis can be easily treated and curable in early stages. As the stages becomes advanced the treatment becomes difficult and tuf to cure it completely.
Ayurvedic herbs are  very effective to kill the bacteria of syphilis and it cures the disease without any side effect. The ayurvedic medicines are also very safe to use for long term. The treatment cures the disease and it doesn’t means that a person can’t get infected again. So precautions are always needed.

Oral Herbal Formulations as Capsules , Tablets and cream for local appilcation.
The course of the treatment depends on the stage of the syphilis. It may take three monts to 12 months for the proper cure of the symptoms of the disease.
A healty diet is also very important for the patient who are suffering from the syphilis. Patient should avoid bitter , sour and pungent food stuffs and diet should also be less salty. This would helps to recover fast. Intercourse with any partner is prohibited.

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