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It is a term used to describe the permanent dilation of small blood vessels , creating small , red marking on the skin and mecous membranes. Primary telangiectasia or essential telangiectasia refers to capillary dilation due to unknown cause. Generalised essential telangiectsia is just one type of primary telangiectasia and is widespread all over the body.


Red or pink dilated capillary blood vessels usually less than 0.2 mm in diameter in a lacework or branch like pattern. These are usually symptomless but some feels tingling or numbness in it.
These lesions are often occur on the feet, ankles and lower legs but may appear on the trunk and upper body parts such as hands and arms.


Telangiectasia s are caused by blood vessels that are stuck in a  wide open position. There is no clear reason for why this happens in many patients.

Some Telangiectasias are due to the conditions like
Basal Cell carcinoma , Rosacea,  Dermatomyositis , Lupus , Chronic exposure to sun and cold , Scleroderma , Cushing Syndromes , Cirrhosis of Liver , Injury from surgery or radiation , taking oral contraceptive in excess , pregnancy.


In Telangiectasia the dosha becomes disturbed due to the faulty rasa dhatu. The doshas gets vitiated  and produce their symptoms. Deranged vata produces tingling and numbness . Deranged pitta produces inflammation and heat.
The imbalances of the dosha causes the “ Rasa vaha Strotas Dushti” , and the channels (Srotas ) gets blocked . The vitiated doshas goes to the skin “Twak” and produces the symptoms like this.
In modern science this condition is not curable. But Ayurveda advocates many treatment options that may be very helpful in telangiectasia.
The balancing of the dosha is the first an most important step of treatment. The vitiation of the dosha causes damage to blood vessels ,when there is no vitiation the damage gets stopped.
Then the next step is the repair of the blood vessels , when the rasa dhatus gets nourished it automatically nourishes the Rakta Dhatu and the repair of the damaged vessels gets starts. So by applying the Ayurveda Principles we have seen the positive results in many patients suffering from  telangiectasia.

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