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Tinea Infections

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What is Tinea Infections ?

Tinea infection  refers to a group of skin infections caused by a dermatophytes – ringworm – fungus. These infections are usually not serious but they can be uncomfortable. The infection can be cached by touching an infected person , from the damp surface or from pets.

Body Parts affected by Tinea Infections and their name.

The name is given specifically depending upon the body part affected

If the Beard  is infected – Tinea barbae
If the head  is infected   – Tinea capitis
If the Body  is infected  – Tinea Corporis
If the Groin  is infected  – Tinea cruris
If the Face  is infected   – Tinea Faciei
If the Hands  is infected  – Tinea Manuum
If the Foot  is infected    – Tinea pedis
If the Nail  is infected  –   Tinea  unguium

Some disease are not due to tinea infection but the names are given with different meanings

Tinea Versicolor – it is also called called Pityriasis Versicolor , a common yeast infection on the trunk and arms.
Tinea Incognito – the clinical features has been cahnged due to inappropriate treatment.
Tinea nigra —    it affects the palms or sole , the brown and black spots are appears on the white skin.


 Ayurveda states that the skin has seven layers. These layers gets the nutrition from the muscles. In Ayurveda Tinea or fungal infections are known as “Dadru”. Kapha and vata are the prime involved dosha and Pitta is culprit for all skin diseases. Disturbed pitta give rise to skin diseases. Kapha and vata dosha manifest in the skin “twak” and cause the accumulation of toxins. These toxins contiminates the Rasa (Plasma) , Rakts (Blood) , Mamsa ( Muscles) and lasika (Lymphatic system) and goes to the deep tissues. These aggravated factors causes the skin diseses like tinea. Pitta is always involved in the skin diseases.


  • The treatment for Tinea infection invovled the removal of the toxins from the body and skin which are in the deeper tissues. And then the balancing the three dosha of the body through medication , life style and dietary changes.
  • Ayurveda have many herbs which acts on skin diseases and also very effective in tinea infections and they also helps to re-occurrence of the disease.
  • Personal hygiene is other important factor to avoid infections like fungal / tinea.
  • Oral Ayurvedic Herbal medicines and Ayurvedic creams and lotions for local applications are very safe for all ages and immune compromised patients
  • Ayurvedic shampoos for tinea infections are effective and harmless.
  • Treatment lasts for Few weak to some Months .

Prevention of tinea infection.

  • Keep the affected skin clean and dry. Wash daily. Take care to dry between the toes and in the skin folds , use a hair dryer to dry it if you feel necessary.
  • Use your own towel for bath every time and frequent wash it with hot water.
  • Wash the cloths and bet sheets pillow covers frequently to remove fungi
  • Bath towels hand towels and undergarments should be washed daily.
  • During swimming , sauna and shower use clean flip-flops or plastic shoes.
  • Wear cotton and loose fitting clothes to help moisture move away from your skin.
  • Alternate pair of shoes should be used one another day so that shoes may dry.
  • Usage of Soak pillow , hats , combs  , scissors and other common things with caution.
  • Hot wash of socks , bathmats and towels at the temp. at least 60C.
  • Don’t walk barefoot in soil and other dirty areas.
  • Regularly wash floors with antiseptic where you walk bare foot.