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KELOIDS Keloids and Hypertrophic scars are enlarge spontaneously to form firm , smooth  and hard growths. When a wound heals , it leaves a scar. A keloid is a  special type of scar that grows too much and can even become larger than the original wound.
A keloid may come up from very minor skin injury or damage, like insect bite ,acne spot or even if there has been no obvious damage to the skin .Keloids may arise soon after injury or develop months later. It may spread outside the original area of skin damage.
Dark skinned people form keloids more easily that caucasians. It is a usually a cosmetic problem and keloids never become malignant.

What does a Keloid Look like ? Keloids looks like exaggerated scars. Usually they raised above the skin around them ans sometimes they are domed. They are shiny and hairless. The feeling of scar is hard and rubbery. New ones are often red or purple and becoming browner and sometimes paler as they aged.
Some people have many scars mostly developed from acne or chicken pox.

HYPERTROPHIC SCARS The wound that heals and the scar tissue formes which at first is often red and somewhat prominent. After several months a scar usually becomes flat and pale. If there is  a lot of tension on the healing wound , the haeling area becomes thicker than usual it should be. This is Hypertrophic Scar.


  • Keloids are described as “Granthi” in our ayurvedic texts.
  • The channels on this particular gets blocked , so Srotos Shodhan is very first step of treatment, so that blood circulation gets improved in this region.
  • The oral herbal and ayurvedic medicnes balances the kapha dosha which represents one of the humor that representing water contants.
  • Hypertrophic scars generally responds well to treatment than Keloids.
  • Lavender oil has the properties that rejuvenates the cells of skin and helps in all types of scars including keloids.
  • Fresh aloe vera gel is good for skin and can be used locally on the scars of keloids
  • The Kit for Keloids of Our Skin Centre is very effective in all types of scars and keloids.
  • Herbal oil made from various herbs helps to reduce the keloids.

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