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A lipoma is a soft , fatty lump a non-cancerous tumour (benign tumours)  that grows under the skin and made up of fats cells. It is harmless and slowely frows under the skin in the subcutaneous tissue and can usually be left alone.Lipoma can occur on any area of the skin where there are fat cells but are usually seen on the shoulders , neck , chest , arms and back. A person may have a single lipoma or may have many lipomas.

It is the rare fatty cancer alomost never arises in the skin. It is the deep seated tumour and most often grows on the thigh , groin or at the back of the abdomen. If the lipoma of a person becomes enlarging or painful then immediatley go to the doctor and SKIN BIOPSY is needed to exclude the diagnosis of Liposarcoma.

AYURVEDIC TREATMENT FOR LIPOMA There is not known medicines which directly cures Lipoma but the Panchakarma Therapies and Some Herbs , Ayurvedic Medicnes are very effecive in lumps , cysts , fibroids and Lipomas.

UDVARTANA :: It is a panchakarma therapy that helps to reduce the size of lipoma. It is the deep penetration of the herbal medicnes through lymphatic massage that helps to pervent the further accumulation of the fats. Udvaratna eliminates the toxins of Lymphatic System and improves the digestion , circulation and balanching the Kapha dosha which is the main cause of fats deposition.

VAMANA THERAPY  :: It is the detoxification process of the Panchakarma therapy helps in the kapha dosha. Lipoma is the deposition of fats and the kapha dosha is the main culprit of this. So it works in removing the kapha dosha and balancing the body humours.

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