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 Nurofibroma  or Neurofibromatosis  is a genetic disorder that disturbs the cell growth in the nervous system causing tumoura to form on nerve tissue and it affects the bone , soft tissue and nervous system especially peripheral nervous system. It is divided into two types , neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) and Neurofibramatosis type 2 (NF2). NF1 occurs in 1 out of 3000 births whilst NF2 occurs only 1 out of 50000 births.

Neurofibromatosis is usually diagnosed in childhood or early adulthood.The tumors are usuallu benign –noncancerous, but in some cases these tumors become cancerous- malignant tumors. People suffering from neurofibromatosis often experience only mild symptoms. Some affects of neurofibromatosis can be hearing loss , learning impairment and heart & vessel complications to severe disability due to nerve compression by tumors , loss of vision and severe pain.

In ayurveda Neurofibromatosis is described and compared as –  “Granthi” – Vishvachi & Avabahuka .
According to Sudshrata Samhita – Granthi is the sanskrit word for benign tumor. The imbalance and aggravation of three dosha – Vata. Pitta. Kapha.- may develop malignant tumors. The  Kapha and Vata are two main dosha that develops in benign tumors. The granthi are  round , firm , mild tender and pain, slow growth , deeply rooted in the body , a swolen and fleshy growth , showing no suppuration. A malignant tumour doesn’t suppurate because it contains an excess of kapha.
Neurobibromatosis is “SIRA GRANTHI” according to Ayurveda Texts ad described by Charak Samhita. Sira are called channels.
The Symptoms are – Vascular tumors , painless and don’t pulsate. Contracting . dehydrating and deforming.
The main causes are – Overexertion , severly accumulated vats weakens the blood consistency , which enters in the channels of the body and they accumulates the kapha and granthi is formed.

In dermatological problems Ayurveda has many Herbs and Minerals which are very helpful and safe in neurofibromatosis. In complications the surgical intervention is needed.
Ayurveda provides important clues for the modern practitioners for the many chronic diseases.


Combination of Ayurvedic Herbs and Minerals.

Cap Kw Herbs – 60

Cap Dermacure -60

Cap Immune – G – 60

Cap Neuron Plus – 30

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