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Freckles are small flat brown spots less than 5 mm diameter with poorly defined margins and typically are the size of the head of a common nail.
These spots are multiple and may develop randomly on the skin , especially after repeated exposure to the sun light.
The spots appears on the children at the age of 1 -2, particularly common in people of fair complexion on upper body skin areas like cheeks , nose, arms and upper shoulder.
The medical term for freckles is Ephilis / Ephilides.  The colour is due to pigment accumulating in the skin cells (Keratinocytes).
Freckles are due to an increase in the amount of dark pigment called melanin and are not due to an increase in the total number of pigment producing cells called melanocytes. The melanocytes produced melanin during winters is less but more when exposed to the sun light.
Two basic types of freckles

  • Simple Freckles        : Tanned round and small.
  • Sun Burn Freckles     : Darker and common on shoulders and upper back.

The word comes from the Latin word for lentil means certain types of darker freckles and sunburn.
They are darker than normal freckles and do not usually fade in the winter.
Lentigens are also known as Liver spots or age spots.
It is common in those who tan easily or have naturally dark skin.
It is important to distinguish the harmless solar lentigo from an early malignant melanoma .
This term refers to flat spots that are tan, slightly reddish or light broen and typically appears durin sunny months.
They are most commonly found in the people with light or fair complexions and in some families as  hereditary / genetic factor.
People with red hairs and green eyes are more prone to these types of freckles.

  • Ayurveda is very safe and effective way of treatment for all skin diseases. Not everyone’s skin will improve with similar treatments , we have to decide about medicines according to individual’s skin.
  • Avoid direct sun rays as for as possible.
  • Using Ayurvedic Sun Screening Lotions are helpful to prevent freckles. Use sun screen every time you go outside.
  • Our Herbal Face pack “ ANTI TAN” is very effective for Tan and Freckles.
  • Our Ayurvedic Creams are effective to lightens the freckles  and it also improves the complexion.
  • Wash your face with sour milk . Lactic acid will provide gentle peeling effect without irritating or drying your skin.
  • Vitamin C is very good for skin. Increase the intake of food rich in Vit C that are Citrus Fruits , apples , green onions, black and red currant , rosehip tea.

Mash 1 ripe banana .
Add two TSF of crushed mint leaves.
Make a paste of both and apply it on freckles
When this pack begins to melt ,wash it with luke warm water.

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