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Pemphigus Vulgaris

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Pemphigus Vulgaris

Pemphigus Vulgaris (PV) is a rare and sreious autoimmune disorder of the skin that is characterized by painful blisters and erosions to develop on the skin as well as inside the mouth , nose , throat , anus and genetalia.
The blisters are fragile and can ealsily brust open and leaving painful area of raw and unhealed skin. These blisters can fade and flare up any time and it is impossible to predict how severe a flare up might be.
The most common subtypes of Pemphigus are
Pemphigus Foliaceus
Paraneoplastic Pemphigus
It is an Auto Immune disorder in which the  immune system which is the body’s defence system gets disturbed and starts attacking the healthy tissue. The cause of pemphigus vulgaris may be combination of both genetic and environmental factors and can not be passe from one person to another.

The pathology starts due to the formation of “ama” the toxin produced by the faulty digestion.  Poor digestion forms immature “rasa”  or chyle . This is the main culprit to develop  any disease.
The cause of the every disease including Imuune System disorder like Pemphigus Vulgaris according to Ayurveda is “AMA” the metabloic toxin comes from the unripe , not properly cooked , immature and undigested food. Due to the malfunctioning or low functioning of the Agni, the first dhatu- Rasa- is not properly formed. Instead the “ann-rasa” undergoes fermentation or putrefaction is remained in the amashaya. This state of rasa is called “AMA”.
The AMA is formed due to faulty jatharagni and the causes for the faulty Jatharangi are
Indigestion , irregular diet habits , Over eating , Abstience of food ,  Improper panchakarma procedures and sansarjana karma , suppression of urges , mental stress – sorrow , anger  fear , worry , jeolousy , lust.
Ayurveda calls it AMA –VISHA means poison. The ama produces the similar affects like poison. In chronic ama formation it produces different types of diseases due to disturbance of Vata, Pitta and kapha. This is one of the major reason of Immune System Disorders.
When this ama goes to the Skin it produces Skin diseases and Pemphigus Vulgaris is one of them.
The four methods of the diagnosis criteria are ::

  • A visual examination by an experienced eye.
  • The lesion biopsy of the Skin or Oral unbroken blister is removed and examine under the microscope.
  • Nikolsky’s Sign – When the surface of unaffected area is rubbed with finger or cotton , the skin separates easily.  This is called as positive Nikolsky’s sign.
  • Direct Immunofluorescence- ELISA – Anti desmoglein antibodies can be detected in the blood using this test.


  • Ayurveda is the most ancient science in health care for all chronic health related disorders. So we strongly recommend Ayurveda as a treatment for Pemphigus Vulgaris .
  • The treatment for Pemphigus Vulgaris starts from the stopping the toxins formation of the disease through herbs by correcting the metabolism – Agni so that no AMA gets produced as a metabolic by product.
  • The second step is to expel out the toxins which are already present in the body. This  is achieved by Ayurvedic Medicines as well as Pancha Karma Therapies. These toxins don’t go out from the body immediately but slowly.
  • Third step is enhancing the Immune System to fight against the disease not against the body. When we suppress the Immune System it comes back with more power and the disease will become more than the previous one. So according to Ayurveda Immune System should be enhanced rather than suppressed.
  • From the above description of Ayurvedic view , we gets understand that it’s a diseases  not only on the surface of skin but also deep in the tissues and cells of the body i.e. Dhatus and Doshas of the body are also involved.
  • So Pemphigus Vulgaris  is not EXTERNAL Feature . The  “INTERNAL factors causes  EXTERNAL manifestations. Only using the medicines locally only relieves the symptoms temporarily.
  • To treat the root cause and to get rid from PV , it needs a proper diagnosis at the  “Dosha Dhatu” level and proper external and internal treatment.
  • The only external use may cause Pemphigus Vulgaris  reappears, when we treat internally and externally  it goes away permanently.
  • The First line of treatment is to stop making the “ ama” or toxins which cause the disease.
  • Improves the digestive power and corrects the Pitta disorder.
  • Detoxification of the body is most important
  • Detoxification clears the body from the disease causing factors. It can be achieved by Oral medicines or Panchakarma Therapies.
  • Oral Herbal & Ayurvedic Blood Purifying medicines are very helpful to remove the impurities from the blood and it helps to purifies the blood.
  • Ayurvedic Creams , lotions and oils are very helpful and having no side effect for long use to children ,adults or any gender.
  • Snehan and swedana –external use of oil and induced sweating by application of heat is help in many cases.
  • Internal Snehan , Abhyangam , Vaman , Virechana , Vasti , Siro Virechana and Rakt Mokshana are the different types of Panchakarma Procedures which cures the root cause of the Pemphigus Vulgaris and it goes permanently in most of the cases.

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