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Penile Infections

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Penile Infections

Penis health is very important part of the men’s overall health. Penis  peoblems may be the sign of an underlying health conditions. The penis health is generally beyond the erection , ejaculate and reproduce the things. One should know the signs and symptoms that intimates you the illness of the penis.

Balanitis is the inflamation of the glance penis – Head of the penis.
There are many different symptoms of balanitis like pink or red rash which may be smooth or scaly.
Itching and irritable lesions with or without discharge.
In severe cases there may be difficult to retract the foreskin called Phimosis.
Balanitis may be accomplished with urethiritis or other skin problems.
Specific balanitis is may be due to contact allergy , Lichen planus , Psoriasis , FDR , Scabies , Syphilis.
Non specific balanitis may be due to irritant reaction related to prolification of bacteria- pseudomonas , anarobes and yeast.
Sweating , moisture permits the microorganisms to grow. It ususlly affects the uncircumcised men.
Infrequent washing or failure to dry the glans after washing.
Diabetes mellitus  , sex partner suffering from vaginal thrust , chemical irritants  , medicated creams , minor trauma during intercourse , obesity are the other factors.


Unprotcted sex
Diabetes and Heart disease causing low blood flow causing Erectile Dysfunction.
Smoking increases the risk of Erectile Dysfunction
Certain Medications and surgical intervenstions.
Decreased testosterone hormones.
Psychological problems
Neurological conditions
Aggressive sex , Acrobatic Sex or Masturbation.


It is a fungal infection of the genetalia. It is much more common in women that men , but when it occurs in males it affects the head of the penis – glans penis-.
The rash is alos known as yeast infection , thrush , candida , candidal balanitis , candidosis and moniliasis.
In males it is generally sexually acquried. It is not classified  as sexually transmitted infection – STD or STI-  because it can be present in men who are not in a sexual relationship.
Men who have a female partner with genetial yeast infection ( Vulvovaginal candidiasis)  donot neef any treatment until she has some symptoms. It is not necessay that sexual relation will transmit the fungal infection to men.
Men are recommeneded the protected sex with a female partner until the women’s infection has cleared up after treatment.

Men having genital yeast may experience itchy rashes on penis , red skin , swelling , irritaion and soreness around the head of penis.
The foreskin may have thick , lumpy discharge under the foreskin , producing an unpleasant odour , difficulty in pulling back the foreskin  i.e. Phimosis.
Felling pain durin sex and when pasiing urine.


The treatment is choosed according to the individuals problems.
Keep the haed of the penis and forskin clean and dry.
Wash the penis after intercourse with herbal antiseptic lotions. After washing dry the area thoroughly. Make sure that the head of penis is completely dry before replacing the foreskin.
If you are prone to develop balanitis a few hours after sex , wash the penis shortly after having sex.

Oral herbal and ayurvedic medicines are prescribed for 2 to 4 weeks until the symptoms gets vanished.
Herbal cream and lotions are given for local application.
Regular wash with warm water daily and with antiseptic herbal lotions twice in a week.

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