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Diper Candiditis

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Diper Candidiasis

This is a kind of fungal infection also called yeast infection affecting the diaper area. It is almost always the result of irritation and maceration from urine and moisture under the diapers. Such a situation’ allows the fungus to overgrow.
It is caused by overgrowth of yeast called candida albicans. But certain medicines and health problems may cause yeast to grow , particularly in warm , moist an damp areas of body. This is usually uncomfortable and sometimes causes dangerous symptoms.


The area effected by the Candida are different so symptoms devolpes according to area.

  • Skin
  • Genetalia
  • Throat
  • Mouth
  • Blood

Oral Candida ( Thrust)
A yeast infection of the mouth and throat area is called Thrust. Healthy persons don’t usually get thrust. It is most often seen in

  • Infants
  • Elderly Persons
  • Patients on chemotherapy
  • Patients with AIDS or other conditions that weakens Immune System
  • Patients of Disbetes
  • Patients taking Antibiotics
  • Patients taking Asthma Inhalers with steroid therapy

Common Symptoms :

  • White spots inside the mouth and tongue
  • Redness and discomfort in mouth area
  • Sore throat and difficulty in the mouth area
  • Cracking at corners of the mouth where lips meet


In Children :
Redness, swelling, small red lumps with pus and oozing can be seen around the groins, anus, upper thighs and buttocks.
Vaginal Yeast Infections are common in women
Common Symptoms includes

  • Extreme itching in vaginal area
  • Soreness and redness
  • White , Clumpy vaginal discharge that looks like cottage cheese
  • Painful intercourse

Genital Candida in Men
This infection is more likely in men who are not circumcised

Symptoms are

  • Red rash on penis
  • Itching and burning on the tip of penis
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Sometimes ooze from lesions

Consult your doctor.
For Children ::
Proper skin care of the nappy area like keeping dry is important for prevention.
The liberal use of powders should be discouraged
For Adults ::
It is very important to get treated for a genital candida infection. You may pass this infection to your sexual partner.