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Female Alopecia

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It is the most common type of hair loss seen in women. It is also called Female Pattern Baldness –FPB . This is seen as hair thinning predominantly over the top and sides of the head. It affects approximately one third of all susceptible women, but is most commonly seen after menopause, although it may begin as early as puberty.

Two type of hair loss are

  • 1. Anagen Effluvim  – Generally due to the oral medications , chemotherapy  agents .
  • 2. Telogen Effuvium. – in this there are no of factors that increases the no of hairs entering in the resting phase.


RICH HERBAL OIL for the local application.
Herbal Shampoo with natural ingredients for the hair wash
Herbal Lotions
Herbal Hair Tonics – For local use to check the further damage of hair follicles.2. ORAL HERBAL MEDICATIONS

The combination of herbs for oral use is decided according to the dosha involved and the cause of the hair fall. As the hair diseases are related to the “Ashti Dhatu”  or bone tissue so to treat hair loss the medicines which gives strength to the bone are given orally for long term. The herbs which are immunomodulator are also given to the patients with hair loss. In case of hormonal disturbance herbs which are hormonal balancer are used.

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