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Consultation With Dr.Amit Dutta

Dr. Amit Dutta is a International Ayurvedic Doctors. Many patients from 100 countries are taking treatment form him under his establishment. He is specialist in SKIN DISESES and treated many common to chronic complicated diseases.  He treats the patients especially for the chronic and obstinate conditions. He doesn’t treat patients who needs hospital care , critical conditions , sudden heart problems , surgical emergencies and like that.

There are two ways to contact Dr. Amit Dutta.

  • Online Consultation                                    
  • Contact in Person
  • Consult Online
  • Sign up for treatment
  • Using a credit card :: The fastest and the most convenient way to sign up is to do it online using a credit card.
  • Send the Cheque or bank draft  to our office in India.
  • Money Transfer through Western Union or Money Gram and send the code number to us via email.
  • Receive a Assessment Form
  • Give your detailed history
  • Dr. Amit Dutta will review your case history
  • Receive Medicines at your doorstep
  • Feed back to Dr. Dutta
  •  Support
  • Case Review

If you have any query.
You may write us or contact us at –
Mobile: +91-98033-56060, 98030-39369, 0181-2464111
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