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Hyperhidrosis  is defined as excessive and uncontrollable sweating beyond the physiological need of the body. This condition causes great immotional distress and occupational disability for the patients. The commonest problem faced is to shake hand with the persons and friends. The parents , friends , teachers , colleagues and often doctors may think that person may be nervous. Sweat is a weak salt solution produced by the eccrine sweat glands. These glands are distributed all over the body but they are more numerous on the palms and soles ( around 700 glands per square cm).

Hyperhidrosis is divided into two main categories

Primary Hyperhidrosis It is more common in young individuals. It starts during teen age but by the time the person realizes that there is something wrong, when they are in their twenties. There is no known cause and it is due to any stimuli to nerves and glands produces the excessive sweat.

  • Hands-Palmar Hyperhidrosis
  • Face   – Facial Hyperhidrosis
  • Underarm      Axillary Hyperhidrosis
  • Feet    –        Plantar Hyperhidrosis

Secondary Hyperhidrosis The other causes that give stimulus to produce more sweat are the secondary reasons. These conditions are :

  • Metabolic Disorders – Thyrotoxicosis , Diabetes Mellitus , Hypoglycemia , Gout , Pheochromocytoma , menopause.
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Auto- Immune Disorders
  • Malignancy
  • Hodgkin Disease
  • Infections and Febrile illnesses
  • Over Weight , Obesity
  • Medications – Propanolol , Physostigmine , Pilocarpine , tricyclic antidepressants , Venlafaxine
  • Phychiatric Disorders
  • Chronic Alcoholism
  • In tuberculosis – Nocturnal Hyperhidrosis.


 Kapha and Pitta are the two main dosha which gets disturbed and causes Hyperhidrosis. Kapha is responsible for incresing the water contents. Pitta is responsible for increasing the heat in the body. In hyperhidrosis there is a vitiation of pitta dosha in the sabeaous and sweat glands. The sweat carring channels leading to more generation of body heat , to compensate this process the Vyana Vayu tries to reduce the heat by removing water from the body through evaporation , that cause herper presperation.

Ayurveda has given the dietary , lifestyle and herbal treatment strategies for balancing the Pitta Dosha. Ayurvedic treatment  is based on  a individual’s constitution and nature of any imbalance and then seeking to return the individuals body to a state of balance.

  • Ayurvedic and Herbal medicnes for Oral use
  • Nutritional ( Dietary) advise to bring the balance of dosha
  • Life style habits
  • Yoga and meditation for mental balance
  • Ayuvedic preprations like Herbal teas  , Ayurvedic Oils , Lotions and Ayurvedic Supplements.
  • Panchakarma :: It is the highly effective detox therapies of the body . It helps to removes all the toxins in the body that causes disease. It cleanes the internal system and restore good health , strengthens the immune system of the body. Balances the all the dosha of the body.

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