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The change  of the colour of skin from the normal skin of a person is call pigmentation. If the colour is darker (Increased Skin Colour )from the normal skin it is called Hyperpigmentation if lighter ( Reduced Skin colour ) then it is called Hypopigmentation.
Pigmentation varies in person according to the racial origin and the sun exposure

Localised Pigmentation
Melanin is the pigment which gives colour to the skin , It is produced by Melanocytes or Pigment cells.
Melasma , Urticaria Pigmentosa , Post Inflammatory Pigmentation.
Keratin it is the protein produced by skin cells or Keratinocytes :: Ichthyosis , Xerosis , Erythrasma , Acnathosis nigricans.
Haemosiderine – It is the breakdown product of haemoglobin , the red pigment in blood cells :: Capillaritis , Purpura , Bruises.
Drug Eruptions :: Pigmentation due to Fixed Drug Eruptions FDR
Other Hyperpigmentation Disorders are ::
Acantosis nigricans,   Alkaptonuia,   Backer Nevus,  Berlogue Dermatitis ,Cholasma , Congenital Naevi,        FDR , Erythema ab igne,  Flagellate erythema, Freckels , Idopathic Eruptive macular pigmentation , Lichen Planus Pigmentosa , Lipodermatosclerosis , Moles , Mangolian Spot, Morphoea , Naevi of ota & Ito , Neurofibromatosis , Ochronosis , Pigmented contact chelitis , Pigmented purpura , Prurigo Pigmentosa , Purpura , Systemic Sclerosis , Tinea Nigra.

Generalised Hyperpigmentation
It is the disorder may arise due to to excessive circulating Melanocye Stimulating Hormones (MSH). Mostly it is seen in Addison’s Disease , pressures areas , in flexures, scars and buccal mucosa.
Generalised pigmentation can also rarerly be a sign of Sec. Melanoma or Metastatic disorders.


  • Addison’s Disease
  • Drug Induced Pigmentation ( Chemotherapy , Silver , Pehnothiazines )
  • Haemochromatosis
  • Ichthysosis
  • Sezary Syndrome
  • Porhhyria cutanea trada
  • Systemic sclerosis
  • Wilson’s Disease

In Localised Pigmentation  ::
There is a very effective treatment for Hyper Pigmnetations.
Herbal and Ayurvedic Oral Medications to control the melanocytes to produce normal level of pigmentation.
Herbal Creams , Herbal Lotions and Herbal Face packs are used safely for local application for pogmentary disorders.
Panchakarma Beauty therapies are used for Melasma , Pigmentations , Scars , Freckles and other beauty related problems.

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