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The fungal infection of the nail is called –Onychomycosis. It may develop to any person at any age but rare in children. The poor hygeine of the hand and feet causing growth of fungus in nail.
It is caused by dermatophytes and the disgnosis is made by potassium hydroxide (KOH). It is difficult to treat and reinfection is common.

How a person gets fungal infection
Fingernail infection occurs due to the unhygenic work and not doing proper wash maintaining hygeine after work. The infection resids in the nail side and tends to grow.
From the foot like interflangeal candida infection can move easliy to toenail.
The fungus spreads to other nails by scratching and the infection moves easliy.
A nail that has recently been damaged is also more likely to become infected.
There are more chances to develop fungal infection in patients having Diabetes , Psoriasis , poor circulation ,waek  Immune system , long illness.
Nail fungal infections are more common in those who live in hot or humid climates.

Is nail Fungus Contagious ?
It is not highly contagious and the fungus must be obtained from someplace. It is common in a person in household things. It may be transmitted from one person to another but only with constant intiamte contact.

Keeping the nails trimmed and files can help to reduce that amount of fungus in nail and is highly recommended.
Regular wash with antiseptic herbs as a routien in evening and many times if your work is that which causes more unhygine  and prone to fungal infections.
The application of anti fungal herbal oil to nails before and after the work is very important.
Regular use of antifungal herbal creams are safe and protects the reoccurance and re growth of fungus. Our centre’s herbal cream contains that herbs which are very helpful to regain healthy skin. Gandhak , tankan bhasma , Panchtikt ghrit , haridra , chakarmard , karanj.
Ayurvedic treatment for fungus is helping in a normal regrowth of the affected nails.
Our centre’s Herbal Fungal Oil is enriched with Tea tree oil and is effective in treating nail fungus. Which is a mixture of Karanj Oil , Nimba oil , chakarmard oil and some minerals are also processed with it.
Oral herbal and ayurvedic herbo-mineral medication are given 3 to 6 months hepls to cure fungal nail infection and checks the regrowth of fungus.
The herbs which are useful in fungus infections are – Gandak Rasayan , Panchtikta Ghrit guggulu , Haridra, Bhringraj , Chakarmard , Bavachi , Daruharidra , tulasi , khadir , maha manjishta.
The patients whose cause of fungal infection may have immune system disorders or other illness than the ayurvedic treatment for that disease is prority.

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