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Twenty nail Dystrophy

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Twenty nail Dystrophy

 Twenty nail dystrophy is also known as “trachyonychia”. It is a widespread trachyonychia involving all 20 nails. This condition is characterised by longitudinal ridging , pitting , loss of lustre and roughening of the nail surface.

Nail examination shows longitudinal ridging , pitting , roughrning and spliting of the nail surface. Some nails becomes distorted . Nails  becomes grubby , rough and brittle. Nail loose their normal luster and may change to a muddy , greyish –white colour like sand blasted.
It is most commonly ocurs in childhood. The most common age is 10 to 20 year old age group.  Slight nail abnormality may be at birth with the condition that slowly progressing over the years to cause changes in the texture of fingernails and toenails.
The diagnosis of Twenty Nail Dystrophy is made clinically having  the above features of the nail. Differential Diagnosis with the similar conditions are
Lichen planus , Eczema , Psoriasis , Alopecia Areata.

Although there is no specific treatment for this condition , but applying the principles of the Ayuvreda , it can be taken under “Sosha” of the nails. So , “Bringhan chiktsa” is the way of the treatment. In this Medicated Oils , Herbal creams and oral herbal mixtures in the form of Capsules , tablets and Syrups are given to the patient and it provided the nutrition to the nails.

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