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Ayurvedic Treatment for Vitiligo

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Vitiligo


The Advanced Ayurveda Skin Treatment Centre’s Ayurvedic Kit For Vitiligo is effective for the vitiligo and Leucoderma. The combination of the herbs starts re-pigmentations over the white patches within 6 to 8 weeks of the starting treatment and which can be noticed too.

What is the Healing Pattern of Vitiligo ?

We have seen clinically the three types of healing pattern with ANTI VITILIGO KIT

First Healing Pattern – The repigmentation starts as a very small brownish spots that appears witnin the patches. These darker spots spreading and the skin gradually converts normal. The abnormal whitness disappears gradually.

Second Healing  Pattern – in this pattern the margin of white patches gets darker and starts sqeeaing the patch area converting into normal skin gradually.

Third Healing Pattern – In this type of pattern the whole white area gets pinkish or red which gradually converts into normal skin colour.

The healing pattern may vary patient to patient . but in some cases all the three healing patterns are found which helps in faster cure of vitiligo. In this way , vitiligo can be cured by Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic Medicines for Vitiligo.

Ayurvedic Medicines and Panchakarma treatments  can successfully manage and treat The VITILIGO. Vitiligo is a auto immune skin disorder and is  deep rooted disease of tissues of the body (Sapt  Dhatus). So local application of the creams , lotions are oils only helps to reduce the symptoms of the surface of the skin , but internal cleansing is very important part of the treatment. 

  • First of all Improves and corrects the faulty digestive system to check the “ama” or toxin formation. So that the health “Rasa Dhatu “ gets formed.
  • Removal of the already formed toxins from the body muscles , skin and from circulatory system through oral Ayurvedic Medicines.
  • Panchakarma Detoxification is very important for opening the “Strotas” , so that proper nutrition may reach to them.
  • Panchakarma – “Virechana” and “Vamana” both are the detoxification process of the Panchakarma that are very effective in Psoriasis. The medicated ghee has to be consumed by the patient for 5 to 7 days which comes under Internal Snehan. After the internal snehan external snehan is done so that dosha gets melt and comes out form the body easily. Then the pradhan karma are performed. Sansarjan Karma after detoxification is as important as the Pradhan Karma. 
  • Panchakarma Therapies for Rejuvenation are very helpful. Rasayana is health promoting and rejuvenates the whole physiology, producing resistance against disease both physically and mentally. If a person has a strong mind, even serious diseases can be faced by the physiology as minor diseases.
  • Raktamokshana – therapeutic blood letting – in this the excess pitta dosha in the rakta dhatu is being removed through topical application of the leeches to the affected areas.
  • Oral Ayurvedic Herbal , Herbo-Mineral mixtures and Gold Preparations to enhance the Immunity.
  • Ayurvedic medicines which acts on internal tissue and helps in providing proper nourishment to the “Sapta Dhatus”. This gradually improves the strength of internal tissue and skeleton.
  • Ayurvedic Mixtures are also used to treat the skin , subcutaneous tissue , blood and blood vessels to reduce inflammation and it nourishes the skin. Slowly the skin becomes normal in color.
  • There are many  Ayurvedic medicines which are very helpful for the patients , but we have to decide the medicines and Panchakarma therapies according to Dosha , Dushya , Vay , Samarth , Aayu , so the choice of medicines are different for different patients.
  • We have seen clinically that the treatment is required for long time to get good results. Once the patient is cured , he should follow the guidelines of Ayurveda so that it will not come again.
  •  A strict diet régime has to be followed during the treatment and also after the treatment. Non veg diet , Yogurt , black gram , chilies and salted things have to be restricted. Use fresh fruits and vegetables and froze food should be avoided as much as possible. Alcohol and narcotics in any form should  be stopped.


Ayurvedic Oral Medicines in the form of Pills and Capsules.
Ayurvedic cream for the external use to local lesion
Extracts of the Herbs in the form of Capsules and Tablets

Medicines are decided by our Ayurvedic Doctors after the proper Medical History and analysis of the each individual.

With the herbal anti vitiligo treatment from Dr. AMIT DUTTA’s :: ADVANCED AYURVEDA SKIN TREATMENT CENTRE numerous patients were already treated not only from all states of INDIA but also from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Poland, Switzerland, Romania, Cyprus, Germany, Canada, U.S.A., Canada, U.K., France, Norway, Denmark, Middle east , China, Mexico, Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar, U.A.E., Riyadh, Oman, Iran, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Maldives, Mauritius, Peru, South Africa, Kenya, Philippines, Brazil, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and many more countries where herbal medicines are allowed. 

The best part is that the cured patients also referred and referring many vitiligo – leucoderma patients to for the anti vitiligo treatment.

Thanks to all such patients for providing authentic support to many vitiligo – leucoderma sufferers.