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Causes Of Skin Diseases

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What are the Causes Of Skin Diseases ?

The skin disorders are known as Kushta , Kushta is a disease in which skin gets affected. Kushta manifests on skin with various symptoms according to Dosha. It is the named upon any skin disorder which changes the natural luster and glow of the skin. It is also known As Twak Dosha.

Which Dosha are involved in Skin Disorders ?

There are seven factors involved in the disease kushta. Out of them three are the humours – Vata , Pitta and Kapha. It is necessary that dosha should get vitiated first due to the causative factors of kushta. Unless and until the dosha vitiates by causative factors , it doesn’t manifest but if they vitiated from some other causative factors some other disease will be manifested. 

Which Dooshyas are involved in Skin Diseases ?

Four dooshya are involved in Skin Diseases
TWAK     –    SKIN
Maamsa   –   Muscular Tissue
Rakta     –        Blood
Lasika    –        Lymph

The twak is affected  in any type of Kushta as the primary onset of the disease. As the time passes the other factors get affected. The Maamsa , Rakta , Lasika and Twak are the general factors that are involved in kushta. But if the disease gets deep as the times passes, it affects the Dhaatus also. Ultimately it spreads all over the body.

Vitiatation of the all the three Dosha are necessary factor in manifestation of the Kushta. No Skin disease is formed due to the vitiation of the one dosha. Depending upon the combination of Dosha and Dooshya the different clinical features are presented on the skin. Shape , colour , pain , specific symptomatic manifestations are there though they are produced by the same causative factors. So from the three dosha , Twak , Maamsa , Laskia and Rakta , many types of Kushta – Skin Problems- are possible.

What are the other causes of Skin Diseases ?

Skin disorders have a wide range of disorder caused by the different conditions. Genetics , Hormones , Imuune system disorder , External factors , stress , dietary life style are the some common triggers . the proper disgnosis and the correct treatment of the underlying cause is the line of treatment.

  • Parasitic Skin Diseases are caused by mites, lice , fleas , chiggers.
  • Bacterial Skin Diseases are the most common cause as well as the secondary factor.
  • Fungal Skin Infections are caused by Fungai , Dermatophytes
  • Viral Skin Infections
  • Skin Diseases due to physical factor like Sun Burn , trauma , burns, self inflicted injury , wounds and bite.
  • Allergic skin diseases caused by the external factors , flea bite , allergic inhalant , food allergy , contact allergy.
  • Immune System related skin diseases
  • Endocrine Skin Diseases – Hypothyroidism , Chushing’s disease, ovarian imbalance.
  • Toxic skin diseases – due to drug reaction , Streptococcal toxic shock syndrome.
  • Skin diseases due to Systemic Diseases – Hepatocutaneous syndrome
  • Nutritional skin diseases – Zinc –responsive dermatosis , vitamin deficiency.
  • Genetic – Heriditary Skin Diseases-Color mutant alopecia.
  • Neoplasia – Skin Tumours , Lymphosarcoma