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Contact Dermatitis

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What is Contact Dermatitis ?

Dermatitis is the greek word which means “Inflammation of the skin”. It is a group of skin diseases which may effect any gender at any age. This is caused by touching the certain substance, chemicals , house hold things , dust  or any other things which are irritant to the skin may cause contact dermatitis. Metals , chemicals , detergents , certain soaps , plants , rubber , pets , cosmetics , dyes and many more things may cause Contact Dermatitis.

What are the Signs & Symptoms of Dermatitis ?

  • Redness  & Itchy skin
  • Inflamed skin
  • Pricking sensation
  • Twitching pain
  • Burning Sensation
  • Papules & Pustules in some cases
  • Excessive intake of Spicy , salty  , sour , fermented food
  • Digestive system problem
  • Dry & flaky skin

Ayurvedic View on Dermatitis.

 According to the Ayurveda it is called “” UDARDA” ,the vata and kapha becomes aggravated due to the faulty food and life styles and the regular contact with irritant substances. All the factors vitiated the Pitta Dosha and this vitiated Pitta provoke Rakta ( Blood) and Twacha ( Skin) , which causes Contact Dermatitis.


  • Shodhan Therapies i.e Panchakarma – Virechana is the best for Chronic  or Acute Contact Dermatitis.
  • Medicinal herbs which purifies the blood and balances the vitiated dosha.
  • Deepan & Pachana  herbs to remove the toxins already present in side body.
  • For some  cases abhyangam ( External Oileation )and swedana ( Medicated Steam )of the body or effected area may give good results.
  • Local application of the medicinal herbs on effective areas like hands feet and head.
  • Thoroughly Wash the diseased part with the different types of Kwatha.

Diet & Life Style Advice for Dermatitis

There are no of ways to manage and avoid contact dermatitis.

  • Avoid Spicy , Oliy , too salty and pungent food .
  • Avoid irritant soaps and use herbal hand wash or saops
  • Don’t rub skin with towel , use soft & smooth towel
  • Take light diet. Avoid Tea , coffee , hot spices and canned foods.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after touching some irritant substance,
  • Don’t use common towel in the washroom , always use your own towel.
  • Some artificial  jewellery , synthetic cloths , rubber footwear , spectacle frames , grass, hair dye , flowers , chemicals , furs and woolen are most common allergens which causes dermatitis. Try to avoid if you feel irritation from them.
  • For females – use the rubber gloves specially designed for the ladies who needs during the washing of utensils and other work to avoid direct contact of the irritant materials like soap , detergents and dust.